Yahoo! / yahoo search questionable, disturbing results

I just used Yahoo Search on my homepage, was going to look up a gift for my grandson. All I had typed in was "child" and among the first suggestions that popped up was "children fondling each other"! I was shocked and disgusted. I know you can find anything on the Internet, but never thought that Yahoo would actually be promoting something that sounds like kiddie porn by directing people to it! Can someone tell me why this happened, and how it is going to be changed? If an adult is looking for garbage like this, which I thought is illegal, I'm sure they know how to find it. But, lets say a child wants to look up toy and starts out with child(s)...and this would pop up?

I tried calling this in first, and tried the 800 number several times, and got a message to call back, or that the number was incorrect. I also was unsure as to what catagory I should put this under, and decided that the most appropriate was Sexual Abuse, since that is what the "suggestion" was leading to.

Mar 15, 2017

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