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Dear Sir.
I want to confirm whether I have won any YAHOO MICROSOFT ON LINE 2010 AWARD, which organized by YAHOO MICROSOFT online 2010 AWARD & Window Promotion by UK.

REFERENCE NO : [protected]
PIN : 1206#5

Till Today I have already recived 3 e-mail regarding this matter on my ID. Today in the morning I got a e-mail from Prof. Ben Cliff (Lomis Finacial Security Service)

so kindly convey me truely I won or they cheat me.

Thanking YOU

e-mail Id: chittaranjan.[protected]

Yahoo Microsoft

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  • Ks
      Sep 29, 2010

    Don't EVER believe in those things.

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  • Fa
      Sep 29, 2010

    Dear Sir,
    I hope your revert shall be very quickly.

    Thanking you

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  • Su
      Feb 26, 2011

    Sat, 26 February, 2011 5:30:21 PM

    Departure/Arrival Schedule of Diplomatic Courier Agent‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏
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    To: [protected]

    Yahoo/Microsoft Center, London, SE1 7NA - United Kingdom Tel: +44 [protected]


    Sequel to the decision of the governing body of this apex award "Yahoo/Microsoft AWARD DEPARTMENT", we hereby inform you that your entitlement in the amount of GBP-500, 000.00 has been packaged in cash and sealed in a safety box as a diplomatic package for immediate dispatch through the British government diplomatic delivery Immunity to your doorstep.

    The cash payment arrangement will help you and, or this bank to overcome all the internal and external hitches, and taxes under the BTO transfer laws, financial constitution and policies of your country and our country for the recognition of the rule of law.
    It is the bank's obligation to make sure that your entitlement will not have any problem with the custom of your country at the point of entrance hence a diplomatic courier agent has been assigned as your delivery agent in this regard.

    We advise you to help us serve you better. Please note that the Diplomatic Courier Agent does not have any knowledge of what the content of the package is, as such the package is "tagged a diplomatic package", therefore exposing the content of the parcel before the delivery agent is at your own risk.

    By the veto of power conferred to us, we have taken the decision to foot the traveling costs of the delegated diplomatic courier agent, and ensured payments for shipment of safety box to India, and would want you to prepare the Indian custom Airport Clearance fees in the amount of $340 (15, 350.00 INR) which is payable in cash to the diplomatic courier agent on his arrival to India and, at the Airport for settlement of the shipment and Airport clearance charges.

    The Indian custom Airport Clearance fees is expected to be forwarded to the diplomatic courier agent immediately on his arrival to your country to enable clearance of your package from the Airport Authorities before proceeding to your house or office for the delivery of your package, they said Clearance charges of $340 will be converted to your local currency (15, 350.00 INR) before sending to the diplomat agent for the clearance of your package from Indian Airport Authorities.

    And upon the settlement of the shipment clearance cost, and Indian custom Airport Clearance, the diplomatic agent will proceed for final delivery to your door step after which he shall furnish you with your payment release documents, which you will legally sign for release of your package to you, and upon the endorsements, the Diplomatic Courier Agent will hand over your package (the safety box) containing the total sum in principle to you while you make further arrangement on how to get your funds wired to your account with all the legal documents included.

    Keep the clearance charge ready before the arrival of the diplomat

    Find the diplomat bio-dates, departure/arrival schedule below:
    1) Name of diplomat: Dip.Harry Morris, the Senior UK Diplomat.
    2) Date of departure: 27/02/2011.
    3) Date of arrival: 28/02/2011.
    4) Indian airport clearance charges: (15, 350 India Rupees) payable to the India Airport Authorities.


    DR. Henry Jerry
    E-mail: [protected]
    Tell: +[protected]
    Foreign Services Manager, Payment and Release Order

    The Diplomatic Courier Agent (DIPLOMAT, HARRY MORRIS ) shall be departing from uk by 27/02/2011 to arrive in India on 28/02/2011

    Acknowledge the receipt of this important email prior to the departure of the delegated Diplomatic Courier

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