Yahoo HotjobsPosting of Scams, Fraud

Yahoo "hotjobs" employment posting site is receiving numerous complaints daily regarding the content of non-valid employment postings that are being allowed to infiltrate valid posting opportunities (which are becoming very rare).

Yahoo "hotjobs" employment site-and many other self- professed employment sites- are allowing scammers, frauds and marketing schemes to become so
pervasive that it is impossible to use the site any longer. Seeing they charge a nice fee for these postings, I guess the "dollar over ethical behavior" syndrome is winning out.

They have tried to pacify the public by initiating an "ABUSE" button.The idea is to report the posting abuse to - guess who- YAHOO! The same people who accepted the dollars and posted the ads anyway. It must be noticed that no matter how many times a posting is flagged as "ABUSE", the ad will still be
posted again and again! CALM THE MASSES!

Unfortunately, those of us who have posted resumes to these employment sites are now receiving email that is scams, frauds, and in some instances, obscene. One wonders if the identity of the employer that pays for the priviledge of accessing our resumes with our contact information has been

What is also interesting, if a person continues to send complaints about their
unethical posting practices, you are censored and your complaint is not posted. Of course, that is AFTER you get their "BLURB" regarding you using the site at your own risk. They believe that this relieves them of any liability
to the public, who by the way, is still under the impression that this is honestly an employment web site as portrayed.

Yahoo "hotjobs" is no longer an employment web site. It is a marketing
tool being used by unethical and misleading posters under the guise of employment opportunities. Recently, it has been noticed that other employment web sites seem to be followinig this trend.

Yahoo "hotjobs" needs to be reevaluated as to it's purpose and use. Yahoo
needs to remove the employment site and advertise it honestly- A marketing
tool only. There is no redeeming value to this site and it is doing the the public
a great disservice.

Yahoo is aiding and abetting these scams (Work At Home,
Data Processing, Process Rebates, Online Adminstrative Mgmt (which is a website to sell Herbalife products), Staffing companies that do not have postions- they are just recruiting, etc. There is no due diligence on Yahoo's
end to prevent these scams or they would not be allowed to post.


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