Well the long and short of this story is my xbox 360 broke (no surprise there then) and me having no proof of purchase meant microsoft was gonna sting me £90 to fix something that shouldn't have broke in the first place, I looked for someone in my area who could fix 'em with no luck, so i sent it off to the aforementioned "" seen as how he was about a tenner cheaper than most other places, anyway after about a month with no word he finally gets back to my e-mails saying he cant fix it and saying he'll send it back then give me a refund, after about two weeks, I finally managed to get my xbox back and in this time a place near me had opened up, i asked for my refund and took it to this new place, the bloke there opened her up and Mr. "" has completley ballsed it up he cracked the casing and worse that that when he went to put the x-clamps back on he lost the screws or whatever and put big bolts through it, which has bent and snapped the motherboard, thus rendering it irreparable, its now 3 weeks since then and he still hasn't given me my refund or a reply to ANY of my e-mails since then, seriously if you live in England stay away from him, and I've looked everywhere for somewhere I can complain to the government with no luck if any of you have any idea who i can report him to it'll be much apreciated.


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