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orderd 2 scooters from this web site and both have had one problem after another dont but a chineese scooter they are nothing but troble . mine wont start even when its a tad bit cold out and the company shut down and now I out of luck on the bike to get fixed. they lied about when they sent out the bikes and then lied about when they sent out the titles. had the bikes a week before we got the titles which should have been sent out at the same time . then one of them had a gass leek and the odometer did not work. company didnt want to fix these problems after meny calls and emails of pictures and complaints they finally said put in the shop and they would pay to fix. a month later I got my biker back. now it wont start on cold days . the screws on the trunk had to be riged cause the rack broke. my brake light got stuck on and had to fix that. now I have had the bike a year now and it has a oil leek and havent fixed that yet .

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