Xplornet satellitePoor contract policy

I lived in the country for 5 years and used Xplornet for my high speed service. I moved back to the city and did not need their service anymore however the new tenant askd me to leave the equipment set up so they could have high speed internet. Xplornet would not let me change the account name to the new tenant because they said it was legally too difficult to do so and wanted to charge me for another year left on the contract. Thew new tenant gave thier account information to make the payments. After 2 months Xplornet took 2 more payments out of my account even though they told me they had removed my bank account info. I had to put a stop payment on my bank account. They have been trying to charge two people at the same time for one service. They are now threatening to send me to a collection service for payments due for another 6 months. The new tenant is still paying for the service. I would not recommend giving Xplornet any bank account info or CC info. Pay it be cheque every month if you have to use them and do not sign any contracts because they will not release you no matter what reasons you give them.

Jan 09, 2015

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