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My account got banned after pwlvl was finished contact them but they never helped me get money back or relvl my character, im not blaming them for the ban since you know that there are big chance to get your char banned when u use such services but it bothered me that after this was done i was filled with sorry and nothing more. They are trustful but i had a last bad experience!

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  • Xm
      Aug 27, 2009

    Plz contact us m8, we will find a solution for you, thanks !

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  • Lo
      Jun 23, 2012

    I have done TONS of business with Xmanlevel since 2008 and they have been great to deal with. Numerous powerlevels, a few gold purchases, and a couple profession powerlevels, NEVER BANNED, always polite, and GREAT PRICES. After being banned using a different company, I tried Xmanlevel and loved it. Check out their reviews on MarkeeDragon.

    They do NOT use bots unless you purchase an even cheaper powerlevel that *specifies* that it uses bots.

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