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I have recently had a horrifying experience with XM Satellite Radio. My husband and I recently purchased a 2004 certified GMC truck. This truck came with a free 3 month trial subscription for XM Radio. A week before our 3 month trial was complete (July 17th) I received a phone call from XM Radio asking if I would like to continue my radio service. We spoke about the payment options and because we were new customers of theirs we were going to get a prorated about for the first three months of $6.99 and $9.99 every month after that for 3 years. I asked the gentleman 3 different times making sure that $6.99 was going to be taken out of my account for the first 3 months and $9.99 each month after that. Each time he said yes mam that is correct. I agreed to the terms on $6.99 being taken out of my account and $9.99 to follow accordingly. On July 18th XM Radio debited $389.31 out of my account (the entire 3 year term) after I was told that $6.99 was what was going to be going out of my account. We got back from Colorado July 28th and on July 29th I called XM Radio and told them what had happened to my account. The first lady I spoke to on this matter was very nice and refunded $370.43 (all except the first 3 months of the prorated amount) and I was ok with that. However, since XM Radio took out an unauthorized amount, my checking account was overdrawn by $237.00. I proceeded to get the overdraft fees refunded and was told who and where I need to fax my bank account information to. I did that on July 29th directly after the call ended with XM Radio. Wednesday August 13th I called and spoke to another person at XM Radio about why the overdraft fees have not been refunded and I was told that they never received my fax and that they claimed they called me on the matter. However, there was no record on caller ID or a message on my phone. They did not call my work either because had they done that some one would have answered that call. Our department is open 24/7 and our phone does have an answering machine as well as caller ID. They lied to me about that, so I faxed over the information the same day twice insuring that they received it this time. Monday August 18th I called XM Radio again and was told that my account had not been looked at yet and that they had 72 hours to do so. Well it was 72 hours out and then some from the first fax and still no phone call or documentation on what was going to happen with the overdraft fees on my account. August 20th I proceeded to call again since I still had not heard anything on my refund. I spoke to the supervisor “Junior” at XM Radio and he told me that it was my fault my account was overdrawn. I then told him, ” if I had agreed to the $389.31 being taken out of my account and I let my account be overdrawn then yes I would be responsible for the overdraft fee; however, I agreed to $6.99 being taken out of my account for the first 3 months and $9.99 each month after that so how is it my fault that my account was overdrawn?” He said, “Well there must have been a miscommunication somewhere. Either you didn’t understand what the agreement was or we didn’t communicate it to you well.” I said, “Yes that’s correct your company did not communicate to me that the 3 year plan is the only plan you have that the customer is responsible for paying for all up front.” He then told me, “Well there is NO proof that we did that now is there?” I said, “I see how this is going to go.” So I then told him that my attorney would be contacting him soon. I just wanted people of the nation to be aware that XM Radio is not what I would call an upstanding business of the USA. They lied to me and then cheated me out of money that their company caused me to lose in the first place. Thanks to Angel at Chase Banks dispute department I was refunded the full amount of $237.00 in overdraft fees. Had it not been for her I would have been out a lot of money. XM Radio, however, did everything they could including putting me on hold 5 different times on the 20th for 15-25 minutes each time. I was not going to give up so I put the call on speaker phone each time they did this, but I documented what time it was when I was put on hold and what time it was when they came back on the phone. This company does not deserve the clients it has and they have lost our business for sure. I hope you will consider this before purchasing XM Radio services.


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      Nov 07, 2009

    kim90- all of xms plans require up front payment. ALL of them.
    you can buy a 3 month ( which is the minimum ther is no monthly plan anymore) a 6 month, 1 yr 2 yr 3 yr 4 yr and a lifetime.
    all paid up front.

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