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1 Silver Springs, NV, United States Review updated:
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This is unbelievable to me that the State in which this company does business has not shut it down! I also ordered my 30 day trial of TriSlim and ColoCure and was charged $4.95 each for shipping/handling. I placed the order on June 25th and did not even receive either product until July 17th which is 16 business days later. So this crap about cancelling your order in the alloted time frame is completely FALSE. They know you aren't going to get your product right away but that's how they have designed their selling scam. It is completely pathetic and totally illegal but it does not seem to be stopping their operation. They will also charge you under various business names but all related to each other and the same product- for instance my credit card had charges from XM Labs, and They have different phone numbers but they are in fact all the same place charging for the same product just under different names!
And to top it off- after I ordered my 30 day trial of TriSlim and ColoCure, I ended up having additional fraudulant charges placed on my card from a company called Glow.Com and AG Skin Care. At least these two businesss were very quick to recognize someone was using my credit card fraudulanty and refunded my money, but nevertheless it makes me wonder if someone at XM Labs ripped of my information?
This is by far the most detailed, organized, ruthless, pathetic, underhanded, disgusting way of ripping people off that I have heard of since Bernie Madoff!!! Why arent' they being shut down?

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  • Pa
      27th of Jul, 2009
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    This XM Labs is a crooked, phony outfit. The people involved with this company must be brought to justice.
    All of the individuals in this crooked outfit belong behind bars.
    Do not give them a penny of your money. Call the Credit card company and cancel your card. And refuse to pay 1 penny to these crooks.
    Paul Schmidt

  • Je
      14th of Aug, 2009
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    I totally agree! I was shipped a Teeth Whitening Product which I HAD originally ordered as a "Trial" for shipping charge ONLY of $4.95 but shortly (few days) AFTER receiving said "trial product", I received ADDITIONAL package containing a complete "system" (mouthpieces AND LOTS more "whitener gel") which I DIDN'T order (but DID decide to try AND pay for for $58.71) but THEN, a couple of weeks later, received yet ANOTHER box (which I had to sign for, and thought it was from my Medical Supply company which is also located in that same vicinity and I thought was the shipper of that package)! Upon opening said package, I discovered TWO MORE of these Teeth Whitening "systems" (which I obviously can't, and won't, use as I only have ONE set of "teeth"!) When I tried to "straighten out" this "screw up" I also found out that this LAST shipment (AND $139.97 charge on my Credit Card, was from this "Phantom" XM Brands at "3609 N 29th Ave, Hollywood, FL 33020" which Google says there is NO such place? (How can UPS accept a shipment from nowhere?) This Kenneth Jacobi is MORE than just a THIEF and must be stopped! (And his whole "organization" of hoodlums!) I have contacted the BBB down there but haven't heard anything yet from them!

    Capt. Kenneth B. Kelm (Ret.)

  • Pa
      15th of Mar, 2010
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    We must support federal legislation that makes it a felony to defraud over the internet. Federal legislation must punish by felony with a mandatory prison sentence any attempt to propose any "contract for goods or services" that is not completely straightforward without any asterisks (or other devious method) that radically alter a straightforward proposal. Any cooperation by a credit card company would also be a felony with mandatory prison sentences for anyone in a credit card organization that cooperates with such a criminal enterprise.

    There are many legitimate businesses on the internet and their good name should not be smeared by organizations and unethical operatives within credit card companies that clearly are defrauding consumers.

    Take the initiative and forward this. Write your congressmen or email them and get their support to weed out the criminals from the legitimate businesses on the internet. Paul Schmidt

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