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I ordered a trial subscription to teeth whitener. With in 5 days I was billed over $87 for a product I had not received no did I receive. The trial price was $2. When I called the company they said they were sorry for the delay of the product but I had to contact them in 5 days or I would be a member and be charged the $87 each month. They would cancel my membership for the future months but I could not get them to refund for something I have never received.

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  • Ge
      24th of Aug, 2009
    XM Brands Mind Body Soul - Resveratrol
    XM Products
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    United States
    Phone: 1-800-440-4397

    Tried a 14 day trial of (resveratrol / plus face cream for a period of 14 day, on the 10th day my Credit card was billed for 3 more bottles of resveratrol/plus face crea +3) for the amount of $139.97 +and additional $4.95 .

    I am willing to pay for $4.95 but not for the $139.97 which I have not asked for or used and when I tried to call and cancel any and all charges to my account to their Phone Number, I was told that a customer service represenative would anser me, as I waited a busy signal came on and I waited and it stopped for a few seconds and started up again and kept it up for 5 minutes with no one answering.
    I have tried calling this phone number several times with the same result.

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  • Ra
      13th of Feb, 2010

    My wife just did the same. The credit card statement says ...
    SII*ONLNORDR8776833080 8776833080 and we have a bill for $3.87 and then again for $87.47

    We did not receive the shipment and billed the larger amount 10 days later.
    VISA Fraud are now on the case.

    Someone needs to shut these folks down.

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  • Ch
      22nd of Feb, 2010

    I am having the same problem, , I am on the phone right now, i HAVE BEEN TALKING IN CIRCLES (AFTER BEING ON HOLD FOR OVER 30 MIN.).. They did refund $ 20(last week), The supervisor is a Mark davis. They have me on hold. I sent for a free sample Jan 28, but never received anything until after I was billed last week and then I called them...Sat. I finally got a very small package, which I haven't opened. In case i can return for a refund, , , , , but that doesn't look like it will happen. They canceled my account. I was on the phone last week for an hour, . I believe it was a Mr Simmons who I have now talked to. I told him they should be turned into the Better Business Bureau, etc...He finally assured me that I will be refunded the $67 that is owed me... Maybe you need to threaten them a bit...So we'll see if i get the refund...the toll free no. I used is 1-800-440-4397. This company needs to be stopped before they rip off any more unsuspecting customers.!!!

    Chris Karns

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  • Sh
      15th of Mar, 2010

    same exact thing happened with me. I am on the phone with them right now but they are saying that they cannot give me a refund at all.

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