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XM Brands, Hollywood, FL 33020 / unsolicited billing

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XM Brands Inc
XM Brands continues to send my dietary supplements I did not order. My credit card company refused their charges and issued me a new account number


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A  10th of Apr, 2009 by 
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Hi, I was a scam victim of XM Brands too. I ordered a free trail on 2/2/09 and on 2/16/09 they charged my debit card $129.95 for products I did not order or want. I called several times only to be put on hold for at least 30 minutes. In the end they refused to issue me a refund and shipped me back the products that I returned to them. I am out of $129.95 and stuck with crappy products that I do not want. If you want to cancel your subscription, do what I was instructed to do and send a email to Sonja or Robert Estrella at customersupport@xmbrands.com or call 800-440-4397. I hope this helps you.
N  10th of Apr, 2009 by 
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I think I was one of the luckier ones. My Chase credit card company caught the transaction and refused it, knowing that it wasn't my purchasing style (at 6 AM on a Sunday morning!). I do wonder how XM Brands got my account number to begin with though. Hopefully legal pressures will put an end to this scamming.
A  11th of Apr, 2009 by 
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I am also been scamed by XM Brands. They lure yoyu in with a free trial and then they just start sending you over $100.00 dollars in merchandise. I am at the grocery store buying my children some food and my card is declined. The food is high and this economic recession has set me back. I need every dime I can get. Now how am I going to feed my children????? They are so wrong for taking my money and leaving me at the grocery checkout embarrassed!!! Tell XM to call my children and explain to them why they took their mommy money and couldn't buy groceries.
A  4th of Jun, 2009 by 
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I was taken in by the $4.95 trial as well. I ordered it on a Thursday night and bu Friday morning I had a really bad feeling about it. I checked my account and not only had they charged the $4.95 shipping, they had also placed a hold of $59.01 on my checking account. I started calling the company 1st thing Friday and had a really hard time getting through. This made me freak out more. I did some searching on the internet for this company. They don't advertise it or put this on their web site, but the customer service email is customersupport@xmbrands.com I sent 2 emails on Friday without a response and continued to call the 800-440-4397 number. After the transaction for the shipping posted and the pend on my account was released, I cancelled my bank accounts and set up new ones so the company would not have access to my information any more.
Thursday of the following week I was finally able to get through to a customer service rep. Who instructed me to send an email to the above address. I advised him that I had already done so and he was curious as to how I got the email address which I found through a similar post. He was skeptical, but did find my email and assured me that my subscription had been cancelled. I still feel better knowing that my accounts have been changed.

The FL better business bureau has given this company a grade of F. It is not a pleasant company to work with and I recommend that you not order any of their products.

It looks like I'm one of the lucky ones who figured it out before it cost me hundreds of dollars. I hope that this can help someone who finds themselves in the same situation
A  3rd of Aug, 2009 by 
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I never received my trial, 9 days since I ordered it, so I called the 800 number today. After being disconnected several times, I finally got through. She gave me the wrong email address to send it to. She told me xmbrandf. I had her to spell it. She put me on hold to check if they received my email and came back on the line and said that they'd received it and my order was cancelled. A few minutes after hanging up I got an administrator email saying that my email wasn't delivered because the email address wasn't valid. I resent it using the address above. That one went through.
N  3rd of Aug, 2009 by 
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It continues to amaze me that the same illegalities can proceed, month after month. Aren't their mechanisms in place to bring this swindling to a halt at some point?
A  27th of Aug, 2009 by 
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Same story with me, out a bunch of money and sent back the crappy stuff. Stayed on hold for 45 min!!! finally to get a somewhat ### representative. Im sure her job is awefull but dont tell me there are no refunds! I dont want this stuff and all she kept saying was there is nothing I can do, well obviously!
A  3rd of Sep, 2009 by 
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I have tried several several means to stop these scams. I thought that Iwas going to work for Google when I paid $1.97 for the trial to help sell their product. Then my credit card was charged $84.84 for something I did not order. It turns out that Google claims not to be affiliated with this company but the web site which I can not find now sure implied that it was a Google company. After my own invesstigation which included listening to several lies on their 800 number, I am certain that it is a bunch of independent scam artists. The South Florida better business bureau is loaded with complaints, but they claim that their information is for consumers and not for legal prosecution. The law enforcement and state prosecuters (Florida) claim that they have bigger cases to deal with and are too busy for this case. I have also reported this to the FTC and am awaiting a response from them. I am also awaiting a complaint to my baqnk (claiming that I was a victim of fraud) to try to get this chare off my credit card. Victim one of obviously many.
A  8th of Sep, 2009 by 
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I also was scammed out of 139.95 on my credit card. I was checking my account and saw this amount was pending..I called my bank and they told me that I could report this amount not authorized and I could get my money back in 3 weeks, also I would have to cancel my credit card. I then called customer service for xm and waited 30 minutes to talk to someone..sounds like all their customers r upset and told them I wanted to cancel and I wanted my money back. They told me no REFUNDS..I refused their product and still no refund..and then they told me I could not cancel over the phone only on internet..very rude people!!
A  17th of Sep, 2009 by 
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I am one of the other victims. I could eventually find another number of this company.800-440-4394 try this one you can also discontinue your services on this linkhttp ://www.xmorders.com/br/ or this one: http://www.yourordersupport.com
try this no: 1-800-685-9229 as well . I wish you could reach them. I am sure that this is a fraud but unfortunately in the legal form. Something should be done.
N  17th of Sep, 2009 by 
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I was sent their product and then had it billed to my credit card with no imput from me. Hardly can be "in the legal form" as such. Fortunately, tho burdensome, Chase caught the atypical Sunday early AM transaction, declined them, and issued me a new credit card.
N  6th of Oct, 2009 by 
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The name and address below for XM Brands is not real . the name is one of his alias's
A  14th of Oct, 2009 by 
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does anybody remember the number that was on the website? It said it was a number to call to end your trial or something, all I remember is that is was an 866 area code. I need this information for a claim statement.
A  15th of Oct, 2009 by 
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These are the same people that scammed thousands of people through a company called PANTHEON in Miami. Todd Nechtman and Sonja Acosta avaoided procecution due to their use of aliases. Contact the FBI and let them know these poeple are ripping off again undetected!!!
A  15th of Oct, 2009 by 
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Sonja and Todd are also husband and wife. Let the authorities know!!! Pantheon can be looked up on [redacted]s dot com
A  19th of Feb, 2010 by 
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I have also been scammed by this company, ordering a free trial for postage and then having nearly $100 taken from my credit card. If you demand the name and address of the company they refuse to give it to you. Ask for enough managers and you might get your money back. They have just agreed to refund mine in 10-14 days - we'll see!

A  20th of Feb, 2010 by 
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I have had a total of $133.12 fraudulently taken from my bank account. I did what everyone else did, ordered something then realizing something was strange. I also cancelled my so called membership the same day I ordered the product. Three phone calls to this company, 877-683-3080, the phone rep, Channel, finally said the manager ok'd a refund. Later I received another email from them saying they will refund $60 AFTER I return the product to them unopened. First of all I never received anything from them secondly I have researched this XM Brands and know that all mail sent to them is returned as non-deliverable. I have called authorities, have an attorney and my bank is investigating. The Florida BBB has been notified. What my next step is to do what I have been doing for three days, posting on sites like this so everyone is aware. I have the owners name, address, physical address in his home country. I will not stop until they are stopped.
N  16th of Mar, 2010 by 
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You said his home country. Would they perhaps be middle eastern? Easch time I call, I get a different middle eastern acccented representative identifing them selves under a phony name eg: Brittany Mendoza, John Garcia. Let me know and thanks,

Dan S
A  11th of Jun, 2010 by 
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XM Brands scam and deceptive advertising:

Saw an advert on Yahoo which leads to this fake news website:


Owner of that website also owns:


The link on the fake news website at
http://consumersreportsweekly.com/uk/consumers-teeth-report/ to
everbrite smiles goes via:

bbing.org/tracking202/ redirect/cl2.php?q= http://affiliate.c2mclicks.com/rd/r.php%3Fsid%3D2638%26pub%3D515663%26c1%3D%26c2%3D%26c3%3D103777
and secureorder1.com

and ends up at: http://www.myeverwhitekit.com/ebw0108102/?B=185&A=134&SubAffiliateID=16329-515663

The order page at:

also contains fake (non hyperlinked) security logos, hacker safe logo etc

on same server: http://whois.domaintools.com/transactplus.com


CX Digital Media
1255 Bay St. Suite 400
Toronto, ON M5R 2A9
Phone # 866.962.9764 (866.9.MAX.ROI)
Fax # 800-887-9997
E-mail: customerservice@cxdigital.com


7611 Preslar Court
Windermere, FL 34786
Telephone: 800.689.1260
Direct: 407.704.0522
Previously involved in Govt grant scams:

Everbrite Smiles scam is also being promoted by:

Ryan Eagle
Eagle Web Assets / EWA Network
207 Willow Parkway
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089

Proof: https://twitter.com/ewanetwork/status/14168444796


XM Brands scams.

They are being investigated by the Florida Attorney General.

They are behind many scams and own all these websites:
1. tribecaindustries.com
2. sivitrol.com
3. solutionsteethwhitner.com
4. resvradiance.com
5. colonmaxx.com
6. maximumburnxtreme.com
7. colon-flush.com
8. zaazoomwhite.com
9. truecolorwhitener.com
10. athomebusinessnetwork.com
11. resv-max.com
12. prowhites.com
13. smilenglow.com
14. e-cigarettesonline.com
15. resv-vital.com
16. articwhites.com
17. dualpowerberries.com
18. articsmiles.com
19. gosmilewhite.com
20. rejuvenexen.com
21. max-resv.com
22. nutrigenicsresv.com
23. colonreduced.com
24. colonadvanced.com
25. colon-lite.com
26. resvessence.com
27. shortsaledollars.com
28. hollywoodteethwhitner.com
29. celebrity-whites.com
30. ncomnetworks.com
31. pro-whitener.com
32. deramaxin.com
33. resv-power.com
34. pro-resv.com
35. colonextreme.com
36. pure-resv.com
37. internetmoneynetwork.com
38. colonaturecleanse.com
39. mydietmaxcleanse.com
40. arcticwhitekit.com
41. maquicoloncleanser.com
42. nutra-cleanse.com
43. myvirtualsuccessvault.com
44. hollywoodcoloncleanser.com
45. webbusinessaccess.com
46. resvglow.com
47. naturespurecleanser.com
48. nutrafatburner.com
49. oralwhites.com
50. zaazoomteethpen.com
51. hollywoodslimbody.com
52. profitathomepro.com
53. personalprofitlibrary.com
54. syndexindustries.com
55. xmtests.com
56. theonlineprofithouse.com
57. everbritewhites.com
58. mydietmaxburn.com
59. glowhite-smile.com
60. onlinesucessvault.com
61. moneymastersathome.com
62. webmillionsnetwork.com
63. everbritekit.com
64. athomebusinessventure.com
65. moneylibraryonline.com
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67. regimexm.com
68. virtualsuccesskit.com
69. profitlibrarybusiness.com
70. myonlinesuccessvault.com
71. maxxcolon.com
72. myeverwhitekit.com
73. internetprofitmarket.com
74. athomecorporation.com
75. karllevine.com
76. onlineofficecenter.com
77. googleprofitlibrary.com
78. musclemaxxl.com
79. internetmillionssystems.com
80. brightsmilekit.com
81. myeverbritesmile.com
82. colonaturecleanser.com
83. profitlibraryathome.com
84. onlineofficeprogram.com
85. americantrustcashadvance.com
86. theinternet-millionaire.com
87. colopurecleanse.com
88. googleprofitlibrary.com
89. myincomesuccessvault.com
90. xmbrands.com

and more!...

If you have been scammed by any of the above file a complaint with the Florida Attorney General at:
Office of the Attorney General
Economic Crimes Division
1515 N. Flagler Dr. Suite 900
West Palm Beach, Florida 33401
Telephone: #561-837-5000
A  28th of Jul, 2010 by 
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Todd Nechtman and Sonja Acosta

XM Brands scam


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