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XL Pharmacy / Paid for meds -never received them!

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Unfortunately, after doing business with XL Pharmacy for 2 years now, they have screwed me around on my last order placed with them Feb. 08. Through April 11, various reps with the company keep assuring me that my order has been shipped and reshipped, and reshipped again, but still I have not received my meds thru April 11. Now they are being difficult about when I will receive a refund.

A rep said they are soon to go out of business, SO it looks like i will lose my money.

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  • Jo
      22nd of Mar, 2008
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    XL Pharmacy - Never received product, but charged!
    XL Pharmacy
    United States
    Phone: 866-514-2571

    Ordered inhalers early January. They charged me but I have never received them. Contacted them mid Feb and they told me the product got lost and they were sending out a replacement. It hasn't come and now I cannot get in touch with them.

  • Jo
      12th of Apr, 2008
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    There is a known company "Aclepsa" who are sending out emails stating XLPharmacy is going out of business. There is also a band of other pharmacy affiliates out there who are also making incorrect posts all over the internet against XLPharmacy. If you have been doing business with XLPharmacy for two years, that should say something...I would hope that you are not one of those scammers trying to put XLPharmacy down, as that is very wrong. XLPharmacy has been a trusted company for many years and will continue to be! They have 24/7 help online, express orders, and I have never had any problems with my orders coming on time, and I've been a customer for over three years.
    Joe J

  • Ma
      13th of Apr, 2008
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    Total nonsense,
    Read this and you will understand.

  • Bo
      16th of Apr, 2008
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    I agree! I was scammed by the same pharmacy. Please contact the FBI, this is a mail fraud case they are currently investigating. I would order your inhalers from somewhere else. I promise you that you will continue to wait and wait and get more exuses and bad launguage when you call and demand your product or a refund.

    So to clear a few things up

    Its like 3 people working there using multiple names

    They do not ship orders

    They do not offer refunds

    If you give them money...its just that! You wont see the money or product again.

    In addition to all these crimes, you are at a risk to identity fraud.

    These guys will be shut down, its only a matter of time!

  • Bo
      16th of Apr, 2008
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    Its the same the website links right back to the one who stole from me.

    Putting the truth out there for consumers is NOT wrong, STEALING from sick and elderly is. And thats what these guys are doing stealing from those who are sick, on fixed incomes, and children. So putting this stuff on the internet is GOOD AND TRUE. I have CC charges to prove what they did to me! I have tapes of conversations where I have caught them lying and even threatening me physically to saying innappropriate things to my wife. I have tapes and will gladly send them to whomever wants to hear them.

    There are only a handful of kind staged compliments by people who claim to do business with them. Its highly unlikely. The bad outweights the majority who have been ripped off by these clowns. Its not so much that they are going out of biz, its that they are about to be FORCED OUT OF BIZ by the CBI which is cooperating with the FBI in the US.

    Any kind comments posted about them are probably from the conartists themselves. Do NOT do biz with

    Like I told them on the phone. By the time this thing wraps up, they will be safest in jail.

  • Ri
      21st of Apr, 2008
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    XL Pharmacy ripped me off, too. Order placed in mid February didn't ship ontime. I was initially able to get a customer service representative who told me the goods had been held up in customs. Next time I contacted them, I was told the goods were sent back to India and they gave me a new ship date. It's now three weeks past the ship date and nobody answers the phone, the mailbox is full, the chat support is turned off, and there appears to be no remedy except to go back to my bank and dispute the charge.

    DO NOT make the mistake of ordering through XL Pharmacy.

  • Ad
      23rd of Oct, 2008
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    I believe that if a company like XLPharmacy is still working is because they are doing a good job! I hear that they have a great affiliate program also!!! So my point is that if they are still in the market after all, is because those bad comments aren't true!!!

  • Ji
      23rd of Nov, 2008
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    I ordered from these guys over a year ago. First package was stopped in customs, customer service was decent and I got the package after about a month. Seemed to be the real deal, but unfortunately they dont accept MC anymore.

    I'm not guarenteeing their produce, but I was happy with my purchase from them.

  • Ch
      14th of Feb, 2009
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    I ordered from xlpharmacy december 8th 08 and it is now Feb 14th 09. Two phone calls have been made with a promised to send the goods. But nothing. I have now asked for a refund. It seems if there are any positive reviews or comments they are being made by the scammers. I will advise whether I get the refund.

  • Sa
      27th of Mar, 2009
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    I'm sorry about your experience with XL Pharmacy, but my own experience with them was quite the opposite. I placed my order (generic accutane, which is a highly effective but very expensive Rx acne med) on Sunday of last week, and it arrived at my door via US Express Mail on Wednesday of this week. Anytime I had questions about the status of my order (only because it sat in US customs in NYC for 3 days!), the online customer service reps were very helpful and reassuring. I never even had to call or email them because of the convenient live chat option. I would definitely order from this company again and will recommend them to family members of mine as well as well.

    FYI - My med was shipped from India, not Canada. I clearly understood this before I placed my order. Although I didn't have a prescription, I'm a former accutane patient and all my blood tests were clean and I tolerated the drug with no ill effects. I also am currently under a dermatologist's care.

  • Je
      27th of May, 2009
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    I:m living in Japan and needed cheap Paxil because there are no generic Paxil available in Japan yet. I thought I:d give XL Pharmacy but was nervous
    if they:d follow through. I was delightfully surprised at their service and helpfulness. My order arrived within the time stated. No worries.
    Without hesitancy, I:d reorder again.

  • Ro
      12th of Sep, 2009
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    i have done business with xl pharmacy 2 times since last spring.the first order came right through and the product was good.the second order was larger and it got held up in customs and to this day is still in customs.i contacted xl and when they discovered what happened i got a new shipment in less than 2 weeks.
    i did recently get a letter from the dept of health and human services stating that they had my meds and they weren't on the list of drugs that could come into the us.and that basically any perscription drug that is made in the us could not come from overseas.
    my feeling is that customs randomly grabs meds from foreign countries and holds them and sends them back. some get through and some dont. so i dont think it is xl pharmacies fault. you can thank good old uncle sam and the american drug companies. they do not want us to get good cheap drugs. keeps them from ripping us off.
    know who the real crooks are.

  • Ji
      30th of Nov, 2009
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    thats why its best to order local from american pharmacies. its not worth the risk or hassle to save a few bucks. i use as the orders are filled at local US licensed pharmacies with FDA approved medications. They ship overnight using FedEx so its much faster.

  • Sh
      30th of Dec, 2009
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    Jimmy47 - have you had good experience with I'm concerned about the legalities of ordering prescriptions online without a prescription written by a doctor I've actually seen in person but XL Pharmacy no longer carries the medication I need.

  • Al
      23rd of Aug, 2010
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    I can recommend a reputable pharmacy I received the order and it was on time and the pills work great.

  • Fi
      17th of Jan, 2011
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    I can say I have used xlpharmacy many times (5) and have only ever had one problem that as not there fault. Once my order was caught in customs and not released. I contacted XL and they reshipped the order. They are sometimes difficult to communicate with. It is VERY important to use priority shipping so that you can track your order through the USPS tracking system. What you will often find when you do that is orders do get caught in customs from time to time. My guess is that 100% of the time that people are saying they did not receive their order it is because it was snatched by Customs and if they do not track it they have no way of knowing that to be the case.

  • Ri
      21st of Jun, 2011
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    A happy customer with one problem, and it's not even XL fault. My order was held in U.S. Customs for over 2 weeks then delievered.

    Thanks XL

  • Bc
      8th of Oct, 2013
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    Shipping fine, prices OK, decent products. HOWEVER, XL sells your contact info to every telemarketer office in India. If you do business with them expect at least 3 daily unwanted phone calls and hourly emails for the rest of your life.

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