XL Nickel Wound Guitar Strings / XL Nickel Wound Guitar Strings

1 CA, United States

One of my hobbies is playing guitar. No, let me rephrase that. One of my PASSIONS is guitar. I love playing guitar. I can never get enough of it. Up until now I've been satisfied with the strings supplied by D'Addario. I've been using their strings for years and it wasn't until now that I actually came across the problem. The strings don't tighten on my guitar anymore. I had to replace my strings recently and all the new ones do is snap. I haven't been able to play my electric for over two weeks now because the strings won't tighten. This is very annoying. Two weeks is way too long for anyone to have to wait to play their own damn guitar. I've gone through three A strings two E strings and one e string in the past two weeks by simply trying to tune the guitar to standard tuning. I know the strings aren't going to hold very long since they're new, but waiting two weeks for them to stretch out, repeatedly tuning them back to standard so that it will adjust to the tightness and then snapping because I tuned it to standard tuning, that's ridiculous. I'm sorry to say that I won't be using D'Addario's strings anymore as they cannot fulfill what they were meant to do, hold a standard tuning. Unless you feel like wasting your money on strings that are only going to break when you put them on, don't buy.


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