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xingren co ltd/trade tang / refund

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Brought handbag and was sent wrong colour. Posted handbag back but xingren refused to accept it and it was returned to me.Trade tang has not answered my e-mails concerning this matter. As the hand bag is useless to my requirements and not what was ordered I have asked for all money back I am out of pocket $100 au with postage


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A  3rd of Mar, 2009 by 
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Trade Tang known as tradetang.com is an internet scam. Everyone needs to steer clear of this site. Even if payment is made through PalPal it is not guaranteed. The only thing PayPal will guarantee is if purchase is made on Ebay. BEWARE of Trade Tang. I ordered 4 diamond bracelets and received 4 bracelets that appear to be toy bracelets. There is no international tracking available when returning items, either. File police report through ic3.gov and warn everyone that if it's too good to be true...it is.
A  22nd of Apr, 2009 by 
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i reacived my products today and had them valued at the jeweler he told me that or three was worth 10 dollers im so confused i fell for it and i put a dispute into the system andi paid three hundred and twinty two usd i can never by from them again they said it was 18kt gold but they turned plated, i dont know what to do i live in australia
N  8th of May, 2009 by 
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Never trust anything from china! I bought a watch for $85 aud it didnt even work. I filed a complaint with paypal & tradetrang all i got back was $10 lousy dollars.
A  8th of May, 2009 by 
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Which payment method did you use?
N  26th of May, 2009 by 
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Yes I agree that Tradetang is a "SCAM"...I ordered a so called Gibson L-5
for $397.00 and recieved a poor copy worth zero. Beware of TRADTANG.COM I found that Guitar888, sunyanli888 and xixgang are using pics copied from Ebay sellers. If double click on the picks takes you to EbAy. I am past the 5 day period to seattle with the seller who only wanted to refund $35.00 back. At this time I am in the Esculated Despute where customer service get in the picture...lets see what happens! Update Soon.

See pics attached...The real L-5 has red label inside Fhole "guitar standing".
The flat guitar is what was sent and bridge does not fit. The headstock pic is from the copy sent.
N  16th of Jun, 2009 by 
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I have also order from China, twice I receive what I from another trade company, but I try trade tang and order a lace wig, and I got a wig that I could have brought from a wig store for $20.00... they did send me the full lace wig that have on their site, the wig I receive was black and it was not a lace wig.. I am out of $60.00 from them.. I also went on e0bay to bid on a lace wig from China and just receive a regular wig that I could have brought from any wig store for about #25.00 and I am out $80.00 from e-bay.. China companies is not sending out lace wigs but just wigs, There is no deals in China!!!
N  10th of Jul, 2009 by 
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Tradetang is a scam, I ordered 2 watches at $180 and the days went by and I kept trying to track my package with no luck.

I sent emails and messages to tradetang and the response was that the riots in china may be causing the problems and when I asked how the riots would stop me from tracking a package they stopped talking with me and erased my order information from their site.

I told them I was filing a claim with paypal and nothing back from them and my order information is erased without a trace and they refuse to get back with me.

Their site says they hold the customers money in escrow until the merchandise is delivered successfully so that vendors can't scam our money. They told me right before their last communication with me that I had to contact the vendor and I have no idea who that is since I used tradetang.

I guess this is a cheap lesson compared to what some people lose on scams but anyone that uses tradetang.com is asking for trouble.
N  11th of Sep, 2009 by 
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Item does not work, cost $130.00, the'll only refund $10.00. What joke. STAY AWAY.
N  23rd of Oct, 2009 by 
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I too placed an order for three 9 kt gold bracelets form Trade Tang, they sent me worthless metal, I also found out that the postage which had cost me $42.00, only cost them $1.50, they are nothing but theibes and crooks, stay well clear!!
A  23rd of Oct, 2009 by 
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I agree,
Trade Tang is formulised theft, they should be closed down, they are nothinf but thieves, I bought 3 9ct gold bracelets from them, for over £100.00, what they sent me was worthless metal. They charged me £42.00 for postage, I found out later that the postage only cost them £1.50. THEY ARE THIEVES STAY WELL CLEAR OF THEM!!!
A  9th of Nov, 2009 by 
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I must agree to all the comment written. I thank you for heads up. I decided I would chat with the company online and as ''I started asking question they couldn't answer them and that alarmed me to check with comments or scams about company and I found all the above comments. STAY AWAY AND DON'T ORDER FROM THEM . I scared them and they stop talking to me on chat. SAVE YOUR MONEY and all ways google if there is any bad comments or scams about a company before sending your money.
A  17th of Nov, 2009 by 
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I gambled and sent off $345.00 for a "Gibson" guitar, received a cheap plywood guitar unlike any model Gibson has ever made. It did have a nice "Gibson" logo on the headstock. I gave it away as it is a monstrosity and could only get me in trouble if I tried to sell it. Lesson learned, if it sounds too good to be true, IT IS!!!

Sadly, TradeTang is an internet scam.
N  17th of Nov, 2009 by 
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Yes I agree...and if you despute the sell they just have you hanging to think that it will be resolved. I ordered an L-5 Gibson shown on the seller "Guitar888" which I recieved what is a counterfit Gibson. SAD FOR CHINA...

A  24th of Nov, 2009 by 
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i ordered some trainers no one acknowledge reciept of payment, they all want to talk to you before you buy, thenwhen you pay for the goods they dont respond, this is disgraceful.
N  27th of Nov, 2009 by 
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Comment to 4on6jazz. What did you expect... a real Gibson for a couple of hundred USD? Everybody knows they make replicas in China but the guitars generally hold "ok" quality if you give them a good set up and change pickups and hardware. I have one that I'm very happy with. As for you people that think you will get real gold or dimonds for no a few bucks...get real!
N  14th of Dec, 2009 by 
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heya i buy stuff form them all the time there fine you need to check the buyers feed back never go for sumone who new to the sytem and also you know china are well know for doing very good replicas even if it state aucthentic it not it all replicas so if that what you wantin a replica say off ugg there brilliant i bought a pair for my self they came with boxe and cefticate there were tht good my friends bought pair and never had compalains
N  14th of Dec, 2009 by 
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The problem is that TradeTang sellers us othe pictures from Ebay sites to sell what they really don't have. See the picture that (Guitar888) had on his site and what I ordered.
See the pic's above 04-03-2009 which is not what I ordered. If TradeTang Sellers really do not have the item they list get OFF the site. Us Buyers expected to get what we pay for not counterfit Trash from China. Chinas sellers need to understand this, be good to the buyer or else the buyer stops buying for TradeTang. That all there is to it. I will never buy again from TradeTang and maybe not from other China sellers also. Again see the pic of what I ordered...L5. I recived a half ###...trash.

A  9th of Feb, 2010 by 
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Hi, its fred here. Today is Tuesday 9th Feb 2010. Have been trying to ring the chinese embassy in London. Again like an idiot purchased a Rickenbacker (which should of been a 12 string 360 model in fireglow). The guitar had a case and what I took to be ligit paperwork, spoke to seller via email, yes it is a beautiful guitar and comes with what the pictures are showing, his written description said you receive case, paperwork etc as per pictures. When the parcel arrived I queried it with the van driver as the guitar I ordered should of arrived with an oblong case, the one that arrived was a triangular shape package. My immediate thoughts were I.ve been conned. I filed a dispute with trade tang, refusing to open the package, this was ordered on the 22 November 2009, received on the 29th November. We have now sent pictures of the package, and as much detail as possible to get nowhere. We have been corresponding with a Lisa who just keeps coming back offering me $30 off the guitar which costs $375.00. Lisa told me 2 weeks ago that I should open the package to see whats in it, to my disbeleif it was a 6 string guitar and not a 12, totally the wrong colour plus other things that are incorrect to what I ordered. May i just say here that for a replica guitar it is a fantasic instrument for the money but it doesnt detract from the fact that it is not what I ordered. Heres the crap, Lisa tells me that trade tang will refund my money if I post the guitar back, what the hell would that cost, their policy states that broken or non workable goods must be sent back at your expense, fair play. They dont say anything about totally wrong goods being sent out. To cap the lot the seller Wang8888 emailed me telling me that us english are too picky and too fussy and that I should accept what he had sent me. I ask what can I do now? Paid via Paypal, who cannot do anything because it is a transaction out of ebay. Contacted my bank who doesnt want to know. Trading Standards more or less laugh in your face, so perhaps I am a silly englishman. As I say have tried the chinese embassy but they are on holiday apparently. I myself feel that it is time to have a sort out with these type of companies, my intention is to ring the Sun newspaper to see if they can help, possibly contact my local MP and retry the chinese embassy next week when they should be back from their holiday. Is it possible for all of us people to band together and try to sort this situation out, after all the chinese regard the english as stupid. Will do my best to let you know what happens, regards, Fred.
N  16th of Apr, 2010 by 
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I order mens sunglasses and get womens instead plus not even the same brand! shipping cost more than the glasses! Never again will i shop over sea's.
A  19th of Apr, 2010 by 
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I seems TradeTang has no concept of customer service. Please all do not br another victum
with thease people of China. Poor quality, service and counterfit name brands...
Sad to see this from China who you would imagine would be great like thier old concepts of health. Poor Karma I would say...Earth Quakes may destroy those factories after all.

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