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Xingren Co. Ltd. / Fake products

1 China Review updated:

Through a very good known "umbrella" website / company sited China, I order two watches to this supposed seller in October according web information and pictures introduced by this company and, as usual, I pay through PayPal the amount corresponding to the cost of the watches and the EMS shipping cost to my country. When I receive watches, they are different from these ordered, explicitly detailed by me and shown on pictures supplied by the seller. The seller, don't accept his error and refuses to speak about how to solve amicably his error and have tried to solve the question through the "umbrella" company with a $5 ridiculous refund. In this moment, the complaint is escalated to the "umbrella" company but, I don't wait a positive feedback about this complaint. Finally is a practical behaviour of companies like this one increase the shipping costs according official EMS rates to obtain an extra profit from this concept.
An additional problem with this kind of persons is that, some times, they offer to refund your money if you return the products then you post it, they receive it and they accept the good state of the watches (in the best of the cases); in this case and if you are lucky, you have a refund for the watches amount but it remains to your cost the shipping of the watches to your country and back to China. I gonna explain that with a numeric example: if you pay $100 for two watches ($50 each) and $50 for shipping cost and, you receive the watches but they are different, broken or whatever you must pay again $50 for the ship back cost to China. In consequence, you recover your $100 of the watches but you've paid $100 FOR NOTHING on shipping costs because the watches are back in China and all that due to a seller's error (in the best case). This policy is inserted in all "umbrella" companies policies like DHgate and Tradetang as you can verify then, be careful about.
Anybody knows any legal procedure (or another thing) to avoid this behaviour that don't benefit the goodwill of buyers and sometimes the goodwill of the "umbrella" companies???
Thanks in advance for your opinions and help on this matter because can benefit the consumers against these general situations.

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  • Da
      25th of Jul, 2009
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    Xingren Co Ltd. Touchpad Phone - did not work,sent back,lost
    xingren co ltd

    bought touchpad mobile phone, did not work sent back to xingren, got lost one can find it, tried to contact xingren they dont want to know.

  • In
      4th of Sep, 2009
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    can you give me their contact information? email adress or phone number?

  • Io
      9th of Nov, 2009
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    I am also i a victim from DHGAte and IOFFER sites.
    Do not order nothing from there, I had ordered a pair of rain boots, and they send me a fake fake jewel...I tried to contact with them by e-mail, but nobody answers
    I cannot find their company info in google...
    If anybody knows what should i do, please contact.
    The company's info are :

  • Lu
      2nd of Dec, 2009
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    hi there can any one help me please x i brough a pair of shoes from this company on a nother web site like e-bay. payed with pay pal. and he sent me a buder in stead of shoes, Now hes not a member i cant get hold of any one, and iam so gutted about this, can any one help me please, or know any thing about this

    thank you xxxx

  • Da
      15th of Dec, 2009
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    I purchased from XINGREN CO LTD from a site I placed a 960USD order for two xbox's, two GPS units and two Laptops. I paid using Paypal, I receieved one package 2 weeks later and it was a pair of socks, i recieve another package a day later and it was a pair of shoes. I called paypal to complain they cant do anything seeing as it was done outside ebay. So basically i have been robbed via paypal! I called my credit card company and they have told me to send it back to him registered mail, and once he signs my credit card company can take action against him. I'm going to do that and see how that goes. I feel sick right now, but i'm not going to let this one go!

  • Te
      18th of Dec, 2009
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    they send me pay samples of pendrives, we put an order, send wire thru Weter Union, and we recive an order never ask, prepared for some other ijn Poland, full of pendrives, absolutelly usefull. Never ever answer any mail, silence total, and ALIBABA tells they only are a place to advertise, they dont even take not of the compainings.
    I supousse they are in the same bussines, pick up your money and then go to hell.
    XING REN CO LTD, ARE A MAFIA, THEY TEACH NOT IN ITaly they know better than that,
    Never buy direct, we must pay a forwarder registrated who know how to deaL WITH THIS mafia GUYS.

  • Fu
      15th of Jan, 2010
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    Xingren Co. Ltd. - fake product
    not a company
    United States

    I was looking under Rosetta Stone on the internet to price language learning software, noticed another site claiming to be authorized sellers of Rosetta Stone, they showed a considerable price difference to my advantage, looked good, accepted PayPal, thought that I was getting a good deal.I made my purchase from "Authentic Your Good Item" I rec. an order number was given a windows live address ( to speak to "Jack" the store owner should I have any questions, well I found out he doesnt reply back at all. When PayPay gave me the payment details I saw another email address where the payment had been sent to - China - that was, also found out that he or they dont answer either. Coming back to my order that I purchased, I was able to download one of the levels of the Latin-American language that I actually rec. a couple of days ago, looked like the real thing to me, boxed like the official Rosetta Stone site, was able to make copies of the guide for myself, also started level one until I was informed that I had to enter my activation code to open more parts of levels, couldn't find the activation code of course, then thought had I been "HAD", couldnt get help from the email addresses I had so decided to call Rosetta Stone directly, asked them where I would find an activation code with my purchase even though I hadnt bought from them( it actually comes in the box purchased on an index card with a bar code as well), I was asked a few questions, one of which was a number on the application disc, I didnt have one! Of course they advised me that Authentic Your Good Item was infact not a registered dealer for Rosetta Stone and that I had been had. I have kept the packing slip that came from the shipper "Xingren Co. ltd." with a name of "Meiliantong", address as Huyigonglu 2623 2-104 Shanghai, China. I contacted PayPal and have completed a dispute resolution process, I shall see where that takes me, I will not return anything without first getting my money back, I doubt that will happen. Please be aware, I was not aware enough, just wanted to find a product for less, should have bought from Rosetta Stone direct. This is the first time this has happened to me, I cant believe I didnt see it, I hope this does not happen to anyone else, stay away from these companies. I shall purchase my learning software from Rosetta Stone directly.

  • En
      19th of Jan, 2010
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    Wish I had read this a few days ago.

    Just cited this webpage in my own dispute with paypal.

    Did you notice the declared value of the shipment?

    Because it was such a 'good price' and because I've taken lessons in both but have never been fully fluent, I got the Spanish and French. Total $338. The declared value put on the shipping documents was put only at $35. I believe the contents of the box weren't even worth that. Looks like the seller didn't either, actually.

    How dare we try to better ourselves with education and culture without going broke?!

    Anyway, hope you get it resolved.

  • Fu
      5th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    I should have checked this earlier I am sorry, yes on my packing slip is noted declared value of $35, what a rip off. Pay Pal couldnt help me, said they couldnt decide on my claim and that because I actually rec. goods whether they were not as ordered or not, they declined. I just this past week decided to put a complaint in to my credit card company to see if they can help, they have asked for all I have on the situation, so I'm making copies and thats why I returned to this site to copy what I had printed, perhaps you too can try to pout in a claim weith your credit card company! I even reported this to Rosetta Stone, sent them also everything I had, so that they could try to stop this rip off company(I'm trying to be polite here) Rosetta Stone was very sorry that this had happened to me, they could only offer monthly payments with no interest on my purchase since I had been HAD. Good Luck.

  • Ne
      13th of Apr, 2010
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    this company Xingren Co., Ltd is a fraud company, which cheated many foreign client who purchase different products from them. Once you make the payment to them, they will express you some rubbish things you don't want via your express courier. That company shames our Chinese company reputation.

    Please be caution when you deal with this company, and also another company: qianlaiye trade Co., Ltd in Fujian prov. China.

  • Do
      31st of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    I also was robbed by this company of thieves, I bought a pair of sandals, and I received a necklace of very poor quality, open dispute with Paypal, but they can not do anything about the transaction outside of ebay. Now imagine how much money these [censor] have managed to steal the world, Chinese mother[censor]ers, go to hell.

  • Wa
      24th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    Please do not buy from this company, I send them $3000 US dollar, They were suppose to send me 5 digital camera and 5 laptop, after waiting for weeks and going back and forth with some one by name of Polly Lin and Cicilia Lin to find out where is my goods they were telling me that the shipping company made a mistake and they will fix it, Will this went on for weeks and finally when I received my product it was a joke this company send me only two Digital cameras that was much much cheaper version of what I orders, These cameras were only wroth $600 together they took my money $3000 and so far I have not seen anything, I was introduced to this company buy So I filled a complain with them and so far I have not seen any results. there site in Alibaba was shut down, but so what they can very easily open it again with another name, They also have there own site which is but they get most of there business from by ripping people off then once they are shut down so what they open again under another name, needs to do there home work before they allow these gangsters to take peoples hard earning money. They claim that if you are a gold member which you have to pay a $5000 fee that they are using that money to do a back ground check and send a 3rd party company to the locations to make sure its a legit company or a manufacturer will that is a bunch of crap.

  • Ge
      13th of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    I bought a nintendo wii + 40 games off Ebay for $600 and just found out 36 of the games don't work. I don't have their Email address or phone number to contact them. Hope someone can help? Geraldine

  • Fa
      20th of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    i buyed a tv samsung from this company 55 inch led tv 550 usd, and after 3 weeks and no response or mail feedback i got an empty box to sweden. dont ever buy something from this [censor]ing chinese company.
    the only thing we shuld do is buy a ticket to macaou in china and [censor] their little girls in their [censor]. [censor]ing chinese mother[censor]er

  • Is
      21st of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    Bought a set of Callaway x22 irons from iStockGolf. They are a scamming site that sell inferior immitations and DO NOT purchase any of their products. Most golf equipment is now manufactured in China, but the quality is rubbish. All their merchandise is counterfeit and forged!!! My advice to anyone buying a picture off a website is check their contact details. Reading reviews off these "so called" e-commerce websites are fakes too, which try and win over your confidence and trust. Be very wary of!!! The only thing they carry are noodles made from snot!!!

  • An
      4th of May, 2011
    0 Votes
    Xingren Co. Ltd. - Stay away
    Xingren co. ltd.
    United States

    I just recently purchased a dress frim this company that was suppose to be $139.00 When it was delivered to my house and my husband signed for it They charger $554.00 . I have no contact info for this company which was suppose to be emailed to me. Does anyone out there have an email adress for them so I can resolve this mattet.

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