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Xentel / They harass people

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Although Xentel was told in no uncertain terms to stop calling us to sell Shriners' and Old Timers' tickets, they will NOT stop. They will not take no for an answer. They call at least 5 or 6 times per year and try every trick in the book to appeal to our emotions to buy. They will make you feel guilty if you don't, telling you that some poor kid will be deprived of entertainment and even if you agree to guy 2 tickets they will tell you it's not enough and you should be buying more to sponsor some kid to go see the Shriners'. We have threatened to report them, we have banged the phone down their face, but they just won't stop calling.


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  • Ls
      23rd of Aug, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I survived 2 days trying to get senior citizens to sponsor a "cops for kid program". This was just before x-mas and these people were strapped for cash. When I asked how much of the donation goes toward the cause, the supervisor said that 15% does and the rest for Xentel. I Googled "cops for kids" and was surprised that these programs already exist without the help of Xentel scams. I woke up many people to lie to them. At one point the supervisor asked me to listen in on a senior scamy and how he handled the calls. This guy was a piece of work. He lied so much that his nose stopped traffic 100 yards away but he got donations alright. These poor people were thinking that by not donating that some kid will get raped and killed. I feel bad for the 2 days on the job and hope that people who were scammed by Xentel can forgive me.

  • An
      1st of Dec, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Im not taking sides. everyone is entitled to their own opinion. but the company in question is well established, and is HIRED by organizations such as (but not limited to) Shriners. Should a quota from a non profit organization seem unattainable, or "lofty" they hire a telemarketing firm to get the word out (Such as Xentel). Its called "subsidized representation". Does Lowe's home improvement itself install your ceiling fan you bought? No, of course not. Many of their employees (not all) cant even change a light bulb. So, they have "subsidized" contractors do it. of course the company takes their payment. how else would they pay their employees? or their phone bill? Hasn't anyone hear the word, "economy" lately?

    And on the subject of harassment (by any telemarketing entity) that is not anyone in particulars fault. Its the system they use. Anybody who hasn't worked for a firm before would think that there is a big paper list, that they make calls to. Not the case. There is a huge computer in their back room that automatically dials any random combination of numerals that aren't red flagged. (i.e. do not call) Should you receive more than one call from the same firm it isn't because they have their cross hairs on your head. its the call server in the back room making a "call back". Simply tell the representative to put you on THEIR do not call list. While there is an international DNCL individual offices dont have it on file. So the person calling you needs to do so. Should you receive any more calls from the same firm it is because of one of two reasons. 1. you were an ### towards they person on the phone and they didn't feel like flagging your number (remember, that human being saying hello has feelings too and is only doing their job) or 2. the call servers system hasn't refreshed yet to update its flagged number list.

    I get telemarketing calls too. Ironically, while at the office at times.

    Its not so much a "SCAM" as it is the telephone equivalent of a home contracting company.

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