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I recieved two charges against my credit card that I did not authorize, In fact I have never been to this site! (Xbox Live bill.MS.Net) what are my options with regards to this matter. I hoping that I should not have cancel my credit card account?

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  • Di
      6th of Aug, 2010

    I have just had this same thing happen to me. Also, we're not alone. Appears as though there are quite a few people out there with the same problem. hmmmmmm

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  • Au
      19th of Sep, 2010
    Xbox Live Bill.MS.Net - unauthorized charges on my bank account
    Microsoft Xbox Live
    United States

    I have had my bank account debited for 3 unauthorized charges in one day for products and or service I did not order or purchase. It is under investigation but in the mean time I have been charged over $100 in services/products that I never bought. I can not believe that these charges are aloud to even go through my account while pending and that they couldnt stop these charges while investigating this unauthorized debit to my account. How is it that I have to pay for items before they will refund my money instead of freezing these charges until the investigation is done. I will NEVER buy or subscribe to anything from this company. I just hope that they refund my money in the 7 days they said it will be under investigation. How are these companies even able to be existing as I see I am not the only person to have filed a complaint on this website. Why are these companies not being charged for fraud!! Unbelievable.

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  • Am
      13th of Oct, 2010

    Yes! We also had unauthorized charges put onto our credit card via XBox Live...We put in a dispute claim with the credit card company which is under investigation at the moment...But one thing to remember when dealing with online game companies...always use a prepaid game card...never..never give them a bank account number or debit will have no control of what they are charging to your least with a game charge you know the limit of what can be used. I am even thinking about using a prepaid master card for all online purchases...Now we are not sure what to do because they have closed out online Xbox Gold account...We may have to go to another company...for our games...I am wondering if Microsoft is outsourcing their xbox department...and have lost quality control...sorry for all of the headaches this has cost us all...when we only wanted to play the game...

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  • Pa
      23rd of Dec, 2010

    It is a company that microsoft outsources to called, they are quite dishonest file a police report

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  • Am
      23rd of Dec, 2010

    We had to put in 3 dispute claims with out credit card company ax to finally get back the 81.18 that Microsoft Online billed out credit card. It has takes us 4 months to get a refund...The online services first told AX that the charges were from a person with an email address completely unrelated to us. The second time around they said that we has a gold subscription and this was for 6000 points which we had purchased. They send over 2 pages of illegible documents to substantiate their claim...So after we faxed in our complete account history showing all of our online purchased none of which were for 6000 points ...we finally this week received a credit on our credit card...Our credit card company asked Microsoft to reinstate the balance of the 6 months due us... because when we put in a claim they closed out our gold account...As for filing a police report...It really won't help...we all need to inform each other and help each other...but I am expecting a class action agains Microsoft Online to pop up...In fact I think I will check online because I am sure there are a few around...Microsoft's name and reputation is on the line here and they need to make the contractors who work for them accountable.

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  • He
      15th of Apr, 2011

    Over $400 charges yesterday on my boyfriends debit card for XBox Live purchases. The bank called him, he called Microsoft and they refused to refund him the money at all. They said dispute the charges with your bank. Dispite the fact that it was his credit card making the purchases, Microsoft refused to reveal the email address attached to the purchases making it impossible to trace the thief. Obviously, if they don't require the code from the back of the card, Microsoft is encouraging these fraudulent charges knowing full well that most people will give up the fight to get the money back. As usual the thieving giant is at it again, skrewing the little guy. We would happily join a group of people interested in pursuing this issue.

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  • Or
      11th of Jul, 2011

    Roxygirl323                Happy1.  (happyone)

    XBOX OVERCHARGES.       7-10-2011

    1157702872 for xbox sayraahs account. 
    Non renewal of xbox

    Cute roxy account. Check for no renew. 
    1157702998.  Xbox customer service rep  Rodney. complaint:

    WOW!  How deceitful!  Microsoft/Xbox Live/Company Microsoft Approves to monitor Xbox Live Accounts.  All or one  of the previously named is responsible for deceitful billing of Xbox Live. 
    I am a Victim of Deceitful charges.  Just happened to me yesterday!  I have been a member of xbox live going on 3 years. 
    I last purchased a 12 month + 1 extra month. The last day of this cards membership was July 9, 2011.  
    I purchased another card (12 month Gold xbox live card)  a week ago to add to my account today July 10, 2011. 
    I received an e-mail today that my last day was July 9th and was charged $9.99 for 1 month Xbox Live.  
    I called the phone number listed on the e-mail 1-800-4-myxbox  and asked the agent what was going on.  Especially since I chose NON-AUTO-RENEWAL of my Xbox Live Membership. 
    I was told by agent Rodney that "I" put a credit card on file last month (June) which in turn "I" selected $1.00 for 1 month of Xbox Live Gold. By doing this it voided my + 1 extra month that came with my card. Then at the end of this Bogus dollar month that I supposedly chose, I was charged $9.99 for 1 month ongoing each and every month. 
    My Facts;
    1. The credit card I had on file was a pre-paid visa I used over a year ago &
     Thank Goodness it has had a zero balance and was cut up since then.  It's unusable. 
    2. My xbox live card was good until July 9, 2011.  The E-mail Microsoft sent me even stated this fact.  But also stated I had been charged $9.99 for another month.  I have never renewed through the xbox. The E-mail also never stated I was NEVER charged $1.00 for June.  Which would have been impossible anyway with a zero balance cut up pre-paid visa card. 

    Now the funny part. This is what the xbox live agent told me what happened;
    1. I added my credit card last month in June opting to pay $1.00 for xbox gold for the  month of June.  My Visa was supposedly charged. 
    2. By adding my credit card and agreeing to only pay $1.00 for a one month special of xbox live VOIDED/ENDED my current membership. 
    3.  By adding my credit card to my account deleted my preference of NON- Renewal to AUTO- Renew. 
    4.  The agent said the charges absolutely cannot be reversed or refunded. 

    This is fraudulent as far as I'm concerned!  Adding a pre-paid credit card that was used up over a year ago and was cut up and thrown away and then reversing my Non-Renewal preference. 
    Which by the way you NOW have to call Xbox and a agent has to lock in the Non-Renewal preference.  It is no longer an option to pick under your current account. 
    AND why would I want to pay for xbox live in a month I already had it.  I really want to keep my account and add my 12 month xbox live card. But not sure what Xbox is doing with my account. There is no money on the credit card and they can't charge it. Thank goodness, but are they going to freeze my account until the $9.99 fraudulent charges are made. 
    This sÅ«cks. Why did Microsoft-Xbox Live do this to me? 
    Tell you what. I will never add a credit card to my account again. I will buy points etc. At the store for now on!  
    After the phone call, I called the company my pre-paid card was from and I was told that my account had been closed a year ago. What a relief to hear that. I was also told that no one had tried to make a charge, which shows what liars Microsoft/Xbox is.   Telling me a lie, hoping I would believe it. Guess they are hoping that most people do not pay attention to their charges. 
    Anyone know what can be done about these practices and does anyone know what the result of my Xbox Live Account with these bogus charges against it? I don't want to lose 2 years of achievements because of this. 

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  • Ps
      16th of Jan, 2012

    My account was frozen in Nov 14 according to Xbox live help. when I started a NEW month to month it asked for my approval to charge 9.99 per month to my account and I agreed. they charged me 19.98 on 1/1 and then 1/14 another 9.99. Stating since I had previously agreed to month to month I had to back pay them for service. nov 14 to Jan 14. Even though I received NO service, do to be frozen, from Nov 14th to Jan 1. IT IS not legal to charge for service no received and cut off by the company. In addition, the approval screen stated I was only being billed 9.99 there was no mention of back payment or additional amount due. Since I only agreed to 9.99 they have made un authorized charges to my account. In addition due the math.. I was charge fro 3 months of service... But my account is only good until Feb 5th. Should my account atleast be valid until 2/15? Not only fraudlant charges but stealing time as well. I might not be as upset if I was getting the service they Stole money from my account to pay for. so basically, I paid for 3 months and I get 35 days.

    My Credit card company has been informed and I now have Mircrosoft legal department mailing address. I understand why people switch to apple or android now!

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