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My wife ordered a "trial", sampler quantity of the product, with only the obligation to pay shipping and handling for $4.95, nothing more. A few weeks after that, without any order or authorization from her, our credit card was charged for an order in the amount of $88.55 which, incidentally, still has not been received, and we don't want it. I called in my credit card company to contest this unauthorized charge and it is now being investigated. My wife had previously called to complain and they said that nothing would be done about this but they could cancel future charges to the account. The introductory offer was a trial offer and, since the product did not work, she chose not to order a full supply of it. Instead, the company, without notice to us or our consent, chose to bill us for a full order which, by the way still has not been received. If you chose to "try" this product, be careful of this firm.

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  • Er
      Mar 06, 2009

    I also was scammed into purchasing trial offer by the web site for racheal ray and her free giveaway..well i also am now being charged $88.50 to my account without my consent. I am sickened by this and how it is NOT being handled. What can we do??

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  • So
      May 12, 2009
    Xanithin - Returned product no refund
    United States

    I ordered the trial and received it but then not 2 weeks later I was charged for and received the month supply bottle. I returned the product unopened 2 days later. This was over a month ago and the still have not refunded the $88.55 to my account and every time I call I get a different answer. One person tells me that they havent received it yet and another tells me that it is there and that I will be getting a refund soon. But it never comes. I have also been told that it must have been "lost in the mail" and they can't give me a refund without receiving the product. I think that they do have it - like things get "lost" in the mail nowadays. But because I did not get a "delivery confirmation number" from the post office they can say that it was lost and I have know way of proving otherwise so they get to keep the money. All of the different answers I get every time I call makes me really think that they are just ripping people off all the time.

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  • Jh
      May 23, 2009

    Charged my account 89.oo$ without authorization!!

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  • Pa
      May 29, 2009

    had the exact thing happen. the order came with no paper work or information on product or address to ship back. when i called on it they gave me the same runaround. i never even ordered the trail product.

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  • Ka
      Jun 01, 2009

    I'm having the same problem but i did send the product with a sign comfirmation. The product was recieved on April 15, 2009 at 11:51 a.m. and i have yet to recieve my refund of $88.55 but I'm headed to the bank today to fill out an affadavit. Cause it's not right. How can you not send me my money back when i sent your product back. And yes they gave me the same run around but today it stops. I have done everything in my power not to cuss these people out, but I'm going to hold my peace and let my bank handle it. Hopefully I have a different outcome.

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  • De
      Jun 09, 2016
    Xanithin - SCAM
    North Carolina
    United States

    I wish I would have found this website BEFORE I ordered the "trial" for 4.95. I ordered the trial product, and actually read the contract which stated that I needed to call within 10 days to terminate the order. I called on the 7th day only to reach a recorded voice message with no options to speak to anyone. I called on a weekday at around 1:30 Eastern time (which would have been around 10:30 mountain time?). I immediately called my bank to put a stop on the payment. Unfortunately, my only option was to cancel my debit card. Well I had changed debit cards 3 times this year already so I said, no I'll wait until it posts then dispute it. THAT WAS A MISTAKE!

    After I disputed the charge with my bank, a bank representative called the company and got through THE FIRST TIME. How? I don't know. I am not up on the newest technology so I don't know if there is some kind of software that screens calls or not, but if there is, I'm guessing it is being used at Xanithin. After speaking to the bank representative I called the company again. Got through... so strange. A third party customer call center answers the calls for this company and the representative was less than helpful. In fact, when I asked him to explain why I couldn't reach anyone when I called the first 3 times he said "I don't know that just doesn't make sense. You couldn't get through but your bank was able to on the first time?" There is something VERY fishy about this company. Can we say Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices?

    I have never been more irate than I am now and I am seriously wondering whether any state has begun investigations against this company. I plan to find out and possibly get one started!

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  • Ve
      Jun 09, 2016
    Xanithin - will not return refund
    Venette Yarmeak
    1028 S. Evanston Way #301
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    I tried the trial size of this product and paid the shipping and handling $4.95. Next thing I knew they withdrew $88.55 from my checking account. I called them at [protected] and been fighting with them about my refund since a sent their product back...I even called them last week and today. Now they say this number isn't with Xanithin...but last week it I have to tell my back that this whole thing was a scam...I'm pretty upset about the whole thing.

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