Xai Fundmany questions

Xai Fund is a part of Exante Fund and they pose as "the first altcoin index".
Let's see. Well, it's a single-page website. Not sure whether it's good or bad, but definitely it's not enough.
And it doesn't answer many questions.
For example, it's not clear how cryptocurrencies were chosen. What kind of analysis they used to define it?
What type of trading do they use? I mean algorithmic or manual...
What are the fees? I think mentioning it is very important, however, there's nothing. For example, is there any annual management fee? Any entry or/and exit?
Team. There's also no information about it either.
Well, a fact that there's something said about the team on Exante website doesn't mean anything.
Contacts? Not really clear.
Please, understand, it doesn't matter what company it belongs to. They may be different and have different goals, or why then they have different websites if they are the same?

Nov 29, 2018

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