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x22 / x22 pieace if [censored]

1 United States
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dont EVER buy from this site... i ordered an x22 super pocket bike from this website..ok they say it takes 2-6 days to get my order to my yea i waited 6 days.. nd then 7..then 8.. now im like wheres my i call up the company about 20 answer.. now im pissed so i email them, and they get back to me 3 DAYS LATER!! now its 11 days nd my order still hasent come in! then they get back to me blabla ..finally my bike comes in 4 days later. hm so i waited 15 DAYS! to resive a bike.. that they said itl come in 2-6 days. so i get my bike all happy cant wait to ride my brand new 700 dollar bike..i unbox it has a huge crack in the BODY. and in the FENDER.. they gave me the wrong color bike!!! and the brakes worked like crap. so i had to tighten them up and stuff no big deal but i was getting pisssed. then i put in .gas. oil yea yea u kno.. k then i go to start it. it starts fine.. i go to ride it and i hear my engine grinding and stuff.. then my bike turns off.. i go to start it agian and dosent start..they gave me a junk im really i email them asking if i can send back my bike for a new one..because engine is blown or sumthing and fender and sum of the body is cracked, , they email me back 5 days later. saying no sales are final no refunds...dont BUY FROM THIS [censored]ING SITE.

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