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I write from Italy,
I bought two rgb laser in two different transactions.
Transactions went smootly and mr. Frank did not hesitate to give assistance at that time...he had all the reasons, of course.
After one year I bouth the same item for a friend of mine, and in the meanwhile I discovered a mechanical failure in the first laser I bought (the support of one of the laser is broken 'cause the person that have assembled the laser probably forced the screws) assistance from the seller this time.
I contacted him repeatedly, he just replied one time and then disappeared.
In april 2014 (before I was aware of this problem) I bought a second unit.Once arrived I tested it for one hour and seemed to work fine, so I gave it to the friend I bought it for.
He never used the unit until last december and when he did many problems accures : all the images look confused, the sare are unusable, the colours are mixed and out of focus. I have unasable two rgb laser since they are broken, 400 euros losted, and no one that gives assistance.
Once again reached out for mr. Frank by contacting him repeatedly, like last time he replied once and then disappeared..
My experience has thought not buy anymore trough because any assistance is provided, and there is no way to contact the assistance to seek for help.
And most of all avoid to buy from this vendor...

Jan 27, 2015
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  • Fr
      Jan 28, 2015

    Hi, Stefan,
    I am not replying, I am trying to find a way to help you solve the problem.
    Our Warranty is one year, now your laser is out of warranty.
    and from your decribiton, I don't know how to help you if you don't want to send it back to us.

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  • Fl
      Jan 28, 2015

    Hi Frank,
    If you sell to Europe, as you do, you have to respect the Law on that country, and the warranty in Europe is 2 year, not one.
    About to to send back to you, I remember you the warranty in Europe, is at your cost, not mine.
    The problem on the first laser is mechanical, as the picture I gived to you demostrate.
    Is not happen for time ur use, but for a structural failure, so, want kind of warranty have to expire?
    For the second one, If you like to have back you have to organize a ship at you cost.
    And, no, Frank, you are not replyng, I write a lot of time and you never replied., why you connot write to me to found as olution instead reply to my email ?
    Let my know...
    ps: sorry for my English.

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  • Pa
      Jul 30, 2015

    Hello, I have also many problem with this laser (X-laser 706) First time the power (+15v-15v) faild, i try to have somme help, i send mail from ali express i try directly from web site... but no-reply, ... i decide to buy a power for 24€ on ali express, Succes it works again, last month the second power failed!! (12v) i found a similar power and connect them OK. The quality of this Laser i realy low cost, there is no assistance,
    My last problem is that the DMX doesn't work the only command than i can send in DMX is stop or auto play, maybe there is a firmware problem but the is no upgrade available

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  • Fl
      Jul 30, 2015

    no further assistance whit this product. I have now two x-laser out of service. Really terrible.

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