Wyzantthe wyzant registration process is misleading, unethical

Wyzant is one of those companies that spams you with emails if you end your registration process early. I got emails from them for like a month while I was finishing my last semester of college. I finally get around to completing my registration, and invest a good deal of time and emotions passing all the 'subjects' tests. I fill out the 'short bio' field, which is to be displayed to students. There is a notice stating that I would have a limited number of opportunities to change it.

Long story short: I get a notice of rejection after my bio wasn't accepted the third time.

What I'm so angry about is that I was under no impression that I was being vetted and facing a hard cutoff. There should have been a more precise advisory along the lines of "You will have three and only three tries, else you will be rejected." I thought this process was a shoe-in to which I could return afterwards to hone my presentation.

Jun 09, 2018

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