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I have been billed excessively since May of 2010 at an amount of $36 and $37.50 instead of $22 or $22.60 tax included as my contract with Wynn Fitness indicates. I have been receiving this charge until now with no proof of the extra charge as result of NSF. I am being pre-debited from my Credit Card and therefore if the card does not have sufficient funds the transaction will not even go through, or a notification from the bank will indicate that. I have spoken to my bank and no indications that my card had non-sufficient funds at those times, not the gym provided me with any proof of so. I have been attempting to deal with the Dundas site Manager Moyra in receiving a refund for the excessive amounts of $61 at first (now $76 as it was done again in September of 2010).

I have provided proof of my statements since May of 2010 with the excessive charges and no indication of NSF charges. I have went to the gym in person to speak to Moyra regardless the fact that I have to use public transaction, work 10 hours a day in Toronto, and diabetic which makes me fatigue after a long day to be dealing with such a fraudulent case. I have attempted to call Moyra numerous times and I did not receive a call back and I even left a Voice Message. I went to the branch and she tried to pretend she doesn't know who I am even though I spoke to her 5 minutes prior on the phone.

This have not been dealt with professionally at all, and I am tired of waiting and dealing with this fraud. I have submitted a BBB case and a Consumer Complaint with the Ministry of Consumer Affairs. They sent a response after 2 weeks to BBB saying because I am not happy they canceled my membership ; without any indication of my refund. I sent an official letter to Markus, VP of Operations with request to speak to the legal department. Lets see where this scam goes.


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  • Jw
      Mar 11, 2011

    Did anything come from this?

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  • Ri
      Mar 17, 2011

    For anyone willing to join Wynn fitness on keele..just WATCH out what you sign and whatever they tell you...DONT SIGN ANY PAPERS with Personal trainer as you will get ****ED big time

    They will give you a free class with a trainer. Then they will give you a "SALE" price for it to see if you like it or not and even if you dont want a trainer they will ask you to sign a paper to keep on your record that if you ever need a trainer they can go back into your profile and see that you got a "special" deal...but guess what.. that payment starts right away and your ### out of luck paying $700-1000 for a trainer and all they can tell you is " TOO BAD YOU SIGNED THE PAPER"

    Just for anyone joining a gym watch what you sign and watch the BS they tell thing is dont join Wynn Fitness on Keele/Wilson

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  • Ar
      May 26, 2011

    got my money back after threatening and complaining ... so ya that worked out.

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  • Sa
      Aug 04, 2011

    I have also been overcharged by the Wynn Fitness Esplanade location. They were overcharging me by $15 a month. I called and emailed to find out what the problem was, but they wouldn't return my calls and emails. I liked the gym otherwise, so I didn't press it for awhile. Then I decided no matter how much I liked the gym, being overcharged with no explanation was worth canceling over. So, when I went in to cancel they finally gave me an explanation: they claimed that when my credit card on file expired, I didn't provide new expiry info so they had to do a "forced charge" on my old card each month and passed the surcharge on to me. Two problems with this explanation: 1) I DID give them an imprint of my new card, which they obviously lost and didn't bother telling me about and 2) Why not just call me or email me back to give me an opportunity to provide the new info instead of just overcharging me! By this point they had overcharged me by $180!!! They kept saying this was my fault for not doing enough to notify them of their mistake. But since they didn't tell me what the problem was, I had no idea they lost the imprint and were doing forced charges! When I called the Visa fraud line the woman said she's never even heard of a business doing a forced charge TWELVE times. I filed a BBB complaint. They were useless and wound up siding with Wynn (which at first offered me a free extension, then followed up with a refund of half of what they overcharged, which I rejected because if I accepted it the complaint would show up as "resolved" on Wynn's BBB page, thus reassuring skeptical consumers trying to figure out if Wynn is sketchy or not). I guess it's not so surprising since businesses pay to be BBB members. Still, infuriating! I also filed a complaint with the Ontario Consumer Protection branch, but they're pretty slow to spring into action. I'm hoping to get my $180 back, but I'm not optimistic.

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  • So
      May 31, 2014

    I have been overcharged by Wynn fitness at Dundas location for a year. I signed a membership for a year for which I ended up using for about 1-2 months. I stayed obligated to my contact for the year, then called to cancel a month prior to my end date. I spoke to Sam who does the recruiting sign up. He spoke fast and sounded very manipulative which made me a bit uneasy but I ignored my skeptism and signed up because of health concerns. With that in mind i allowed them access to my account for a whole year with no complains or pause on my membership(knowing that i do not use it). As my contract date approached, i decided to call and cancel but was asked why and i stated that i don't use it so please CANCEL. A month later they went into my account and took two payments, i called a few times but was unable to get the person responsible for my account or whoever deals with these type of concerns. When i finally spoke to Sam, the person who deals with my account; he told me he was out of country and i need to come in person to cancel and a bunch of other excuses which did not make any sense. I refuse to waste my time and gas to go in person so they agree to accept a written email but refuse to give me back my money. I told him i want my money back and that i will let the whole world know that WYNN FITNESS ARE DICPICABLE LIARS AN|D| THEIVES. They have given other gyms a bad REP because of how they conduct business. ONTARIO CONSUMER PROTECTION please help us get rid of these thieves.

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