Wyndham Extra Vacations / misinformation

Orlando, FL, United States

Recently purchased enough points to go Platinum. We've been timeshare owners since the mid-80's and have learned the in's and out's of ownership. We have been quite pleased with Wyndham (via Fairfield) and feel that we get our monies worth by condo rental, auto rental and airline ticket purchases. But during the sales "presentation" (we've been through enough of these that we know what to expect), we were counseled by the salesperson and his supervisor about how to use the Extra Holidays rental program effectively. There were two significant "untruths" that we were told - of course, you don't know until it's too late. The first has to do with booking / re-booking a rental as to reduce your point outlay. We've done it quite successfully in our own bookings of units for personal use and were told that we could do the same for units deposited into the Extra Holidays program. A definite lie, for when we attempted to re-book, we were told that you can't once deposited. No, it's not a matter of misunderstanding the sales person - we are very diligent in our questioning and my wife takes copious, and accurate notes. The second was again from the counsel of the sales person. He strongly suggested using the Waikiki Beach Walk as our first plunge into depositing rentals. We deposited two rentals - a one bedroom and a two bedroom, both for a week in late February (you would think that that would be a good time for snowbirds). I don't remember the exact number of points but it was somewhat greater than 700k. This didn't seem to be a problem at the time since we figured that we could halve that usage by de-booking and re-booking.

It is now mid-April and we just got our first check from Extra Holidays. Of the two units, they only book two days in the two bedroom unit. So the hype about the Extra Holidays, potential return on investment (in Wyndham points), the counsel on where and when to book was all hooey. An of course Extra Holiday's takes 40% plus for booking fees - so someone got a really great deal and we got the shaft. Will never book with Extra Holiday's again. We can self book and be the recipients of all the proceeds (and manage our bookings to full weeks if we want) without the overhead of Extra Holidays.

Always felt that we knew when we were being fed a line by the sales staff and their superiors. We typically only go to the sales meetings when we either are expecting to make some kind of transaction (as we had done when we went platinum) or go get the "booty" from sitting through the so-called "update". We immune to the pressure, but because we were buying up, we let our guard down by buying into the "how to use it most effectively" scheme. We didn't do our homework prior (with respect to Wyndham Extra Vacations) and that's really shame on us. I'm sure there are some of you out there that have used that program effectively - you've been around the block enough times and been willing to "learn" - as we did in effective use of our points for travel - but it was too tough a lesson to learn and buyers should beware of the mis-information that can be (and often is, when you see the number of complaints about sales tactics) delved out during the sales, high pressure, presentations.

Let the buyer beware.

Apr 15, 2014

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