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Wyndahm Vacation Resorts, fairfield Resorts / Misrepresentation of services

1 P O Box 98940Las Vegas, NV, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 888-739-4016

After 6 years of this and getting no where I have had it!!!
My husband and I purchased back when the company was called Cendant Resorts and Time shares.
Never in all my years could we have imagined the crap they have pulled.
this year they have committed a federal offense, We had 2 contracts We paid on and they only sent me (1) one 1098 on statement of taxes.
Stating they only send out the paperwork if it is requested,


So I now have to refile my taxes for the last 2 years! They never claimed the interest earned from our payments there was no record filed with the IRS. I have never ever seen this!! CROOKS!!!

We have never ever been able to stay at any of our home resorts where we supposedly owned, We had the Palm Air in FL, Oceans Walk In FL And Now Kings Gate, VA.
We just want out!!! But guess what They don't have a buy back policy! We have paid over and over and have nothing to show for it! And still Owe them $39, 000 We were told time and time again "well if you just buy in to the next level all the benefits would increase so you will be able to enjoy our resorts" Lies, lies, lies! We say no! We don't need or want any more points! We can't even use the points we have why would we buy more? Nothing is gonna change. They have oversold again and again, what working person has 13 months in advance to book a vacation at the maximum points? not us.

There are never ever rooms available when and where we need them. So we have a time share and stay in nearby hotels anyway spending even more money. Just not worth it anymore,
I have seen The rooms I need and want go off on ebay and other timeshare sites for 500 for a week and we are here stuck paying 900 a month and can't even use it cause there is no availability.
All this for what Dirty Resorts, Horrible Service, Nasty Clerks, Smelly Slow Elevators. Not worth it!

We just want out! we have been asking to get out of my contract for 3 months now cause I have become ill and we are unable to make the payments anymore with the medical bills and they don't care!
We don't want anything back we said although it would be nice to see some money back, our contract is worth 86, 000, we only owe 39, 000. But we are just looking to get out of this.
All the lost points we paid for, all the RCI weeks never used, All of this is not worth it!
Every time you go on vacation they say "oh can we have 30 minutes of your time" it ends up being 2-4 hours of the same lies, deceit and trickery heaven forbid you don't give them the chance to run your credit! They just don't let up!

We have tried all the timeshare companies trying to sell it and after paying even more fees, we still have it. No one wants it and we don't either. I want this all to end, we can't do it anymore. How can we be relieved from our unwanted undesired contract! HELP US PLEASE!

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  • No
      14th of Sep, 2008
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    Know what You mean--we've "owned" space at Mountain Vista in Branson, Mo for years, but have NEVER been able to arrange any time there...they told us "the Falls" was the best, as an alternative but it was noticeably older/run down..spiders/cob webs everywhere around the doors---room was kinda "dinged-up"...sad, actually...and trying to sell it, thus far, is waste..some dink from GMAC called and wanted $1000.00 to list it---he said Corporations are paying up to $20, i said sell it first, then i'll glady pay him 10%---not surprised he "Couldn't do that, because GMAC doesn't work by commission"...mmmmmmm, sound like any sales/marketing crap we've heard before...the only sales crap i've heard that comes close to his version of legalized theft, is the auto sale people that tell You about "wholesale-to-wholesale" pricing, and how it holds down Your trade-in value.. All Sales People associated with Wyndahm appear to be Godless shills for management...

  • Jo
      11th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    i must say i have had some of the same terrible problems with my time share, we started app. 15 years ago when it was faifield, but, i must say now that my hubby is retired and we are looking into the many ways to use it we are happier, you really need a college course to understsand the full benefits to use it wisely. Even then i am not so sure it is worth the hassle...

  • Ri
      12th of Mar, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Dear notgonnatakit~
    First just relax. If you would just use what you bought you would realize great benifits from your ownership. I have been an owner for many years and can't put a dollar amount on the quality time I have had with my family thanks to my ownership. The cost value I will save will be huge over the long run. The key is, USE it. Be a little flexible on your locations (there are so many). Check out as many as you can. Have an open mind and just enjoy life. Time away from home with your family is a good thing. Just do it. Use what you bought and stop complaining. You will see. Richie

  • Pa
      24th of May, 2016
    0 Votes

    Time shares should be available if the time is to be shared. I had purchased 2 timeshares and neither of them have turned out to be what they try and sell you. Thankfully the second one was purchased in FL and I was smart enough to use the 10 day right of cancellation.

  • An
      16th of Jan, 2018
    0 Votes

    i feel like i have been dooped but i didnt do my homework and now we have to kay for it i feel.

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