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Breeder sold a sick animal to my family which subsequently gave our entire household ringworm. This includes my two small children. My son ended up with ringworm on his head and had to take oral medication for 10 months. He had diarrhea the entire time. The veterinarian stated that there was not way the breeder could not have been aware of it, since the infection was all over his body. When the breeder dropped the cat off, she said "oh don't worry about the dry patches on his body. It's just from me bathing him." She lied. The breeder refused to reimburse for medical expenses which were almost $700.

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      15th of Jul, 2013

    I am sorry! One of my cats got it and we had to treat all of our pets and my son and I contracted it to. We had to apply medication for us, bathe the cats daily, force medication down their mouths and apply medication onto their fur. Not a happy household. I hope your family has cleared up and what unfortunate way for the introduction of into your home. We cleared it up too! Manger is easier to manage than ringworm because now all that has to be done is a shot!

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