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Don’t do business with the company I asked to provide some help with the website, but the owner of the website twice charged me and didn’t provide any help. Also this guy hasn’t warned me about the charges. He simply took money from my account. It was unprofessional and dishonest. I want to warn other users, so be careful and don’t provide card info, when you register on the website.

Jun 5, 2015
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      17th of Jun, 2018

    If you are thinking about using zoom web media, please find any 8-year-old person and give them the $3, 000 or whatever reasonable quote you are given to redesigning or design a website. at least giving the 8-year-old child the money should give you some enjoyment, something that will never be achieved once your money is consumed by zoom web media. after almost two-years of waiting for the redesign and updating of our website, we gave up. when we attempted to take them to small claims court to get our money back, plus other damages we discovered the contract had been written on an ontario address that didn't exist!

    One of the reasons we thought it would be ok to deal with zoom web media was that they listed an office in ontario as well as the usa, uk, australia and india. what they also had and still have what we now understand is a free listing in the ontario yellow pages. I sent a canada post registered letter to this address on may 28, 2018, and it was returned to me on june 8, 2018, as "no such address". the phone number featured in the yellow pages, once dialled, is not assigned. part of our decision-making process was to feel comfortable with a company to whom we were giving our money.

    In our particular circumstances, we already had and still have to this day a working website. it just needs some refreshing and updating to be more mobile friendly. all zoom web media really had to do was move the current information on our active website into the new improved online theme or shell, streamline the material and make it faster to load. they suggested it would take 7 to 16 days. plus we also agreed that they could enhance it with search engine optimization after the site had been approved and was up and running. once we had signed the contract the warnings where so present, like hiding in plain sight and I missed every one of them, as I had bought their sales line 100%.

    At the conclusion of this post, I will share the lessons learned, and you may or may not want to incorporate these ideas to protect yourself from the new unchartered internet world we are now being submerged into, like it or not!

    Zoom web media charged us over $500 for a security package, $400 of a $1600 seo contract and took $625 from our credit card before the completion of the website. we are now out $3, 000 cdn, plus two-years of advanced organic listing opportunities with no website and about $4, 000 of our own time invested in keeping reviewing the crap they kept sending us for almost two-years. they also tried to charge us in usd, even though the contract was in cdn dollars! they also overcharged us per transaction against our credit card, more than what was agreed to in their own contract.

    Zoom web media is a company of empty promises, no goodwill and if they are representative of companies taking it jobs from north americans, we have to wonder who must be on the take in north america to give work to these extremely incompetent unskilled people this type of work. let us not forget the computer is an american invention and all coding around the world is in english, regardless of what in on the page that appears on the my opinion zoom web media is a stain on the entire it community of india and not only should they be shut down by the government of india, but they should also be banned from operating on the worldwide web!
    Their parent company, zwm technologies, inc. specializes in website reputation rebuilding. wow, their biggest client must be their own company zoom web media. zoom, so don’t trust any positive reviews you read about zoom web media or clicks shown on fact, read some of these reviews, and you will find eerie similarities. “zoom” is the sound of your money leaving your bank account with no roi ever intended to be given. do not use zoom web media unless you like tossing your money into the wind, they are dishonest and produce nothing but grief. one area of expertise is the ability to run the clock down so you will get so discouraged and just give up. one of their developers in april 2018, suggested blowing up the website they were never planned to deliver to me. I have it recorded, as well as the screenshots of almost two-years of "we cannot get it done, but thanks for allowing us to take from your credit card and breach our very own contract".

    Stay far, far away from zoom web media. if you have been done wrong by this company, my suggestion is to contact india’s current leaders that may be able to put a stop to this company’s activities on the internet. write a letter to the right honourable mr kottayan katankot venugopa, the attorney general of india; and the right honourable mr pranab mukherjee, the president of india via regular mail to 10, moti lal nehru marg, new delhi-110 011, india. let these gentlemen know, in no uncertain terms that anyone who is either employed or are the principals of zoom web media, that they are a stain on the good people of india and should be removed redirected from this sort of behaviour. good luck and let’s hope the gov’t of india is not complicated with the principals of zoom web media!

    My personal suggestion is that you should only deal with a website developer whom you can get in your car and drive to, or take public transportation. any company who is operating outside your area that would be impractical to travel to know this and most often not deliver on what was promised or paid for which is the case for me with zoom web media. interesting, on facebook, they have over 11, 000 likes, sort of discredits facebook as I thought they had the means of detecting b.s. oppoos forgot about the russian and 2016 us election.

    What I am really upset about is that zoom web media cost me in addition to what I paid them and my wasted time reviewing the crap they kept sending me was the almost two years that working with a "real website developer" would have given me on seo in google organic listing. for this, they cost me an unknown amount in lost business revenue!

    Lessons learned:

    1) never deal with a website developer that you cannot personally visit;

    2) great a credit card with a limit of $500 and give this number to any website developer. visit this credit card daily and if the company/person you have given the number to is overcharging you notify the credit card company immediately and get your money back and block all future payments;

    3) if you are not going to use a credit card for payment only use paypal and make sure you turn off the automatic payment feature. at least with paypal, you have someone who will fight to get your money back if you have any business dealings with companies like zoom web media;

    4) you decide not to take my advice and go with an online company. before you do business with them, send them a registered snail mail, signature required a letter to confirm the address from which they are operating. even if this costs you $25, it is well worth the investment, as it is also an expense. paying someone $3, 000 is a rip-off and business expense, but the $25 hurts must less!

    5) find a way to block calls coming from anywhere in india, africa or the philippians as my experience has shown that the callers on the end of the phone set do not have your best interest at heart. what makes this more challenging is that they have found a way to use local cellular exchanges - none the less on all cell phones the numbers can be blocked. if an exchange comes up on the phone and you do not recognize it, let it go to voicemail. if it is a real caller, they will leave you a message so you can return the call. if no message is left, block that number!

    6) do not deal with companies in your own country who farm out the customer service aspect of their companies to other countries. for example, in canada rogers communications employs only canadians. unfortunately, in the case of google adwords you have no choice as the adwords operation is run out of india. sorry, if you spend some money to get higher in the google organics, you will not have to spend money on google adwords. thus you can follow the “crs only from canada”. my suggestion is that before you purchase any product or service, find out who you will be speaking with to have your problems resolved. best be a canadian if you live in canada, by an american if living in the usa, and if in india an indian. if the product or service provider has outsourced their customer service to any other source outside your country purchase the thing you want from someone else. this corporate practice will stop only when it shows up as negative revenue on their bottom lines and that hiring local people to respond to local concerns is a good business practice and adds revenue to the company’s bottom line!! plus more canadians working may result in the rest of us paying lower taxes. please note that I am not an employee of rogers communications, canada.

    7) when your business instincts tell you something smells bad, back off and give you decision a week or so. if the deal is good, it will still be there in a week, and if not, don’t do business with that company who neither wants your business or has your best interests at heart. deadlines are put in place to encourage a “call to action”, and if you miss the deadline, it is usually for the better. everything always comes back on sale and next time you will be ready or will have moved on to a better solution!

    Good luck and block all calls coming from a company calling themselves zoom web media – nothing but grief awaits you by answering the phone, “hello”! all comments made in this article/post are my opinions and do not represent my employer.

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