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Elavon D.B. A classic.converge, This merchant account was assign to us by Regions Bank, For our small sales company
first batch was without a problem then the second one is were the nightmare starts, First they we got an e mail from Elavon did not know they are the same company, stating that the charges are not correct & information was missing so they held on to the deposits until we get it correct, next week was of useless e-mails from (Sara Miller) sara.[protected] (Investigative Analyst) claiming, 1) she can not access our website 2) Information from the clients is incorrect, 3) Explanations on how & what we sell to our clients was not clear, bla bla, & I say this because it was all useless and a waste of time trying to explain to this Analyst the issues at hand.
OUR IT department send screen shots of everything to do with our business, pictures of the office, direct links to our website etc and Nothing worked. Confirmation from our clients vie e-mail, doc sign agreement and to the point to ask our clients to call her direct line because she was not satisfied with the info we provided .
We got to the point to ask the client on what year they apply for their cc Ironic.
Got our clients to cooperate and take their busy time to call her direct line and no such luck.
She made us look like we were stealing and Embarrassed our company to the point that we reached to our clients for help to provide more more personal information then is necessary in order to prove her the purchase was legal.
For one how will our clients purchase from us if they don't see our site on line (
The logical explanation is that this (Risk Department Analyst) did not follow our company info and made a decision to cancel us without giving us the chance.
2) 3 of our client took the tie to call her direct line in order to give her their their personal info and to clarified the miss understanding.
Her respond was always done thru e-mails and send at the end of the day 4:30 to be precise.
I take it this lady before she left without following up on our business just send a is not good enough answer and after all she just said sorry your account is closed we will be holding on to your money for 90 days you not good enough for us, so if you are a small business and think about dealing with them STAY AWAY READ MY STORY that is not a story is a nightmare for my start up and thats what is like dealing with ELAVON...

May 19, 2017

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