www.weldingdirect.comlack of advertised availability on parts

I ordered advertised parts on-line from said company 5-9-18,
5-11-18 i received an email stating 1 of the parts i ordered was not in stock at that time & should be in stock the following week (5-18-18). The company offered to ship what parts they did have as long as i paid a separate shipping charge for the remainder to my order - i declined and chose to wait for my full order.

The following week i emailed back (5-22-18) asking if they had a tracking # for my order - again, they did not have all the parts to ship.

Finally fed up, i decided to call & speak with a manager (5-30-18) to see what was going on about my order & was advised they would call me back within an hour or 2 (this call was placed at 8:45 am Arizona time)
1:15 pm i still had not received a return call - so i called yet again to talk with a manager (Sue was who i spoke with the 2nd time) she advised she had to call her shipping manager to find out what was going on and would call me back the next morning (5-31-18) to give me a status update.

As expected, i did not get a call - so i called and asked for Sue - i spent over 25 minutes on hold out of a 28 min call time, only to find out my parts would not be received by them until 6-5-18 and would be another 5 days or so until i received them (basically another 2 weeks waiting) I cancelled my order right then.

Normally this would not be too much of an issue BUT, my machine is out of service due to the parts needed & i have a business to run.

May 31, 2018

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