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1 406 Line StreetAttalla, AL, United States Review updated:

This company took $34.95 using my debit check card, and they did this with a signature in Las Vegas N.V.
I live in Alabama. They are a SCAM, I have discovered they are a sister company to federal grants .com They show a website on the register at the bank of when you go to it does not exist. This is a scam do not sign up for telling you it will only cost $2.95 this is a scam...It costs $34.95...I had to cancel this card and i am waiting on the new card. And I have to fight paypal for my money back...I am frustrated and I hate sucks...

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  • An
      28th of Mar, 2009
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    i agree i just called them for the same charge and they tried to convince me to try it and i said no i dont want to try hence why i am requesting a refund. She quickly went about getting my refund as she heard the anger in my voice lol. but i was charged the same day as the man from alabama. this crap does suck especially when your a divorced parent trying to go back to school raising 3 kids and trying to provide a better life for them by going back to college.

  • Du
      29th of Mar, 2009
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    I agree, I also fell for this scam, and am being billed by 3 different companies affiliated with this. Still fighting to get the mess they caused fixed.
    If the FED wants to fix the financial problems, how about aggressively pursuing these companies that prey upon the desperate but honest unemployed, like myself. I can't spend money if I am being scammed out of it, and if people like me can't spend it, then how is the economy going to improve?

  • An
      2nd of Apr, 2009
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    Could someone please give me the number? My husband signed up somewhere and the number isn't on the website anywhere. I'm fairly sure I deleted the email thinking it was more useless junk.

  • Ed
      3rd of Apr, 2009
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    I agreed to do it, but, I want out of it. So please quit taking money off my credit card.My Address is 2403 Twp. Twy. 43 Nevada, Ohiio 44849

  • Ri
      26th of Apr, 2009
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    This is a complete scam that should be looked into by the federal law authorities. I too ordered that Cd for federal grants which was only $2.95. But then when I got my email confirming that, suddenly I see where I was given free trials to THREE separate "pages."

    Grant Membership Page - 7 Day Trial
    "Membership access is $39.95 per month should you choose to continue"

    Search Market Members Site - 14 Day Trial
    "Membership access is $7.95 per month should you choose to continue"

    Network Agenda Membership Page - 21 Day Trial
    "Membership access is $9.95 per month should you choose to continue"

    I immediately called the 1-877-495-1145 number supplied in the email and after several calls, was directed to another 1-800 number. Eventually, I was able to convince them that I did not want to have the membership trial period, that I just wanted to have it canceled.

    About 3 weeks went by and I got a phone call from someone at this company and they asked if I had received the CD. I said I had and they tried to talk me into keeping the Websaveclub membership. They said to just give it a chance and check it out. If I decided I didn't want it, all I had to do was to call 1-866-616-1118 to cancel it.

    I took one look at the site and decided it was not for me. In a week, I called that number and they said that I wasn't signed up for anything. I protested that they said that I had to cancel and if I found out that I was going to be charged for any services, I would have a fit.

    Well, after getting my credit card statement, I see that I indeed was charged $34.95 by WWW WEBSAVECLUB COM LAS VEGAS NV.

    I went back into my email that I had saved from the original Federal CD site and called that number. After describing the situation, I indeed was signed up to that program and I missed the 27 day trial period cutoff date, so I could not get reimbursed. I went through the roof! Never have I yelled at anyone as loud as I did on the phone. Have to give the operator credit for staying on the line.

    After my tantrum, she agreed to credit my account. I had threatened to call my credit card company and expose them for what they are, a scam.

    After getting cancellation reference number, I still called my credit card company and complained.

    That's the problem with these scams. You sign up for something and they hit you with 3 or 4 different programs that you have to remember to cancel or you will be billed with a big hit. And even if you call the number, they have it so that they make it hard for you to cancel, or say that you don't have an account with them.

    Government Grant Solutions and Web Savers Club should be exposed and brought to justice for trying to rip off people.

    -Rick in Buffalo, NY

  • La
      18th of May, 2009
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    ok so i had the same problem except when i called to cancel the second time after i saw the charge on my account even after i cancelled before the trial period they assured me that i would receive a refund now 2 weeks later i'm still waiting on a refund and i tried calling the number again and its been changed so the new number sends you to an answering machine.

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