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If you your looking for a coder stay FAR FAR AWAY from Webminds India as soon as you get money from them they won't do anything if they do anything it will be bad job. If you doubt what i'm saying contact any of the people that used there service.

I contacted them all ( i know after the fact) and not one of them had something good to say as a matter fact majority of them said that they code that Webminds india did for them was done sloppy or that they had to find someone else to do the do the whole thing over again. Again if your thinking of using them DO NOT DO IT. I am out $430 right now. I wrote this so the same thing wont happen to you.

the individual i dealt with his name is "Prashant Shivram Sonawane"
the information he gave me which is probably fake is

Name : Prashant Shivram Sonawane
11, Vinayak Bunglow,
Behind Geeta Nagar,
Dindori Road,
Mhasrul, Nashik-4.
Ph: 2531275

I contacted them they wont return my emails they wont return anything as soon as i sent them payment ALL communication stopped. DO NOT TRUST this company to do your coding or anything for that matter they are a COMPLETE SCAM. Amateurs at best. I hope this helps anyone I'll update you if I get my money back I hope this helps Anyone that was thinking of working with this company.

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  • Ne
      29th of Apr, 2010
    +2 Votes

    OMG I wish I had read this before I started working with them... I worked with Prashant, and you are right, at first they seem to want to impress you with small tasks here and there. Then slowly their communication stops, the emails never get replied they block you on msn, until I contacted GURU, who then stated they can not do anything due to the fact that there was no money in escrew account. Which sounded like they wanted me to put some in!

    Their communication is so bad, they do not know how to speak english properly, infact when you speak to them they have no clue and it takes you months to make them unterstand a simple task, and I am someone who can speak many languages including Hindi, but they refused to understand.


    I have been screwed over and been working on my website for 2 yrs, I have saved and struggled to make payments, I went round and round and round with these ppl. I finally had my site near finished, loads of problems with my site, I found they kept altering things without my knowledge, they even made me pay for things they messed up, and that over and over again.

    In the end, I found my site had been removed and I didn't know why. Prashant then wanted further funds so that they could configure and set the site up again. I have a contract agreement, and emails proving they didn't do half what was asked for, and I lost out 2k. At the end of it I have no website and after a battle with them I finally got my folders, but I have no idea now what to do with them, as the whole point paying someone to do it is because you don't know how to.

    I was given the same details

    Name : Prashant Shivram Sonawane
    11, Vinayak Bunglow,
    Behind Geeta Nagar,
    Dindori Road,
    Mhasrul, Nashik-4.
    Ph: 2531275

    If your already involved do NOT RELEASE YOUR FUNDS... !



  • Ch
      2nd of Jun, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Yes, I truly agree with "NetProtection" comments and this person did the same with us. I don't think they have any office available and they just outsource the work to other group to complete work. They are two man company

    Prashant Shivram Sonawane and Jagan. I have collected few more details about them:

    Phone: +91 9422248110

    They opened two fake websites with name:

    They got fake profiles in:

    Other Complain:

    Please be aware of this groups or better lodge a police complain about them.

  • Al
      30th of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    Hello All

    This person is totally wrong ...I am working with Webminds Infotech and they did great job for us...We never face such problem like he mention above .We are working with Webminds Infotech from last 5 years and we are doing great work, these guys deliver number of sites with any excuse .

    Even they work lots of things for me and I am really satisfy with them...Both guys are really cool, Don't misunderstood anything about them and if you look this post then it's from India and I am sure it's kind of fake to misguide their US clients!!! So don't go with this thread it's fake thread about this company and guys...You can try once and you will work forever and not gone anywhere for your work.

    Dream Entertainment Group

  • Lu
      7th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    This is what I have received form webminds:
    Fantastic Customer Care. They didn't rest until I was 100% satisfied with my requirements. I'm looking forward at working with them on all of my future projects. Thanks!

  • Su
      19th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    This last post was obviously created by Web Minds themselves. They are a scam...try to email them if you have questions and find out yourself. DO NOT give them your credit card number.

    Susan McDonald
    San Francisco Graphic Designer

  • Pa
      5th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    stay FAR FAR AWAY from Webminds India, i lost $500 on my project with them, if you don't believe me, try them yourself . they said they are a registered company in India under STPI (Ministry of Communications and Information Technology Government of India)

    Tel: 91-9422248110
    Address: Webminds Infotech Nashik, Maharashtra 422007

  • Bo
      28th of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    They are a total fraud people with only one table and chair to work on. They outsource the work to other group to get the work done. Their code quality is sub-standards level. You will get a junk code which will stop run after 7 days.

    Stay away with this two individuals. They are not a company.


  • Ma
      20th of Apr, 2012
    +1 Votes

    Please do a Google Search with "Prashant Shivram Sonawane" the self declared owner of this fake company. You can see the results...
    I am surpised to see, there is no identity of Someone right said at top that these people outsource work to other to get the work done at very very cheap rate. So if they earn $50 from client they give $10 to the developer and rest kept by them so you can understand their code quality. They are complete Fraud...beware of this peoples...

  • Be
      3rd of Dec, 2014
    0 Votes

    all I can say is these people are a fraud. Not to different from any other story here. Just wished I had checked sooner. But I also found out the first developer was outsourcing to Webminds initially. Then I found out and went straight to Webminds. Yes they did some work that was correct but like the others here said I've been going around and around in circles first they fix something then something else gets screwed up. The last time I asked to repair the issues they just so responding all together.

  • Pe
      28th of Jul, 2015
    0 Votes

    Yes.. This is absolutely true. One of my partners got cheated by both of them in the past.
    Btw, I recently found out their new information. The person named Prashant Sonwane is now seemed to be working with eLuminous Technologies as Project Manager. You also verify if its the same person. The link is and other link is
    Kindly confirm the same. Hope this save someone's hard earning money! Thanks! Peter

  • Pr
      16th of Nov, 2015
    0 Votes

    Hello Peter,
    Your shared information about Prashant sonawane is incorrect
    You picked wrong person with same name in techgig and Linked in. My full name is Prashant Dilip Sonawane and yes I was an employee with Webminds india before 2010 and I had resigned that company because both owners Prashant & Jagan didn't paid my salary of 3 months.
    Only coincidence was my name and company owner's name was similar, In above posts, shared mobile number, email address and residential address doesn't belongs to me.
    Peter, Please remove my techgig and linked in profile links from your posts or either remove that post. I will highly appreciate your coordination.
    My profile on techgig & Linked in ( &, Please don't relate it with that fraud owners.

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