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The company is big scam. I don’t remember how, but we got in touch and they offered some advertising opportunities. Every word was big lie and scam. They wanted only money and therefore they promised you everything what you wanted to hear. Don’t pay them of course and don’t trust to what this owner tells you. The company is dodgy and irresponsible. Run from them, if you see or hear from them.

Jul 10, 2015

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  • Ka
      6th of Oct, 2015
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    I advertised with Union News the full 2 years. Did not renew. Not 1 call from this. Not one closed deal. Brandon Tyler is a scammer, a bully and a manipulater. Biggest waste of 240$

  • Ry
      28th of Oct, 2015
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    Union News is a hoax. Brandon Tyler is a clever con. I give him that. 2 years of advertising, not one closed deal. I read the reviews saying to call sponsors for first hand experience, so I did. One thing that all the sponsors and I have in common, not one closed deal in 2 years . not even one Call. I delt with brandon personally. I hired a personal investigator to uncover some things as I plan to sue them for there actions. What I have uncovered is brandon is from Las Vegas and has been doing this a very long time. Jack, Howard Brandwein, and Brandon have been doing this a while until they split paths around 2007. Brandon and his uncle were actually partners until Brandon took over. His uncle is the one who actually bought the site. Brandon has no true affiliates within ANY labor union. His advertising tactics are misleading and deceptive. He leads you too believe by advertising with his company you are actually marketing to labor union members, which is false. The labor unions have a sector for their labor news. The website also offers an iPhone app, which does not exist. The labor unions listed on the left and right hand side have no actual affiliation to To my understanding from the Labor News radio advertised, they have no knowledge of any affiliation with them. I will be starting a petition to have Union News removed from the web. I have also inquired to the FBI internet crimes regarding Union News. Once I get the petition started I urge everyone who has been scammed to sign it.

  • Ka
      29th of Oct, 2015
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    Yup I agree. I advertised my insurance company, after patrick kelly gave me the run around I fell for it and believed i invested in something really smart. $240 for 2 years. What a great deal. After a year of absolutley nothing i inquired on cancelling. I was then put in direct contact with Brandon Tyler. He told me he could make a few adjustments and even add me in another county free of charge to increase my chances. Practically begged me not to cancel. I fell for it. 6 more months pass . Nothing. Not one call, at this point i became very suspicious of this "Brandon Tyler" and "". I began doing research. I have literally called every bit of 200 sponsors from all over, it was after i continued calling sponsors that shared the same experiences that i did. I thought, maybe its my luck, its $240 who cares as long as the labor union members use this site and see it cool... So i called the labor unions on the left and right hand side to see what they knew of Out of 9 i called, 4 called back with all very similar information. is nothing but a scam. Online "labor news" websites are flourishing. They are nothing but a scam. There is no labor affiliation, and it is not a service the labor union uses. 2 of the unions also stated they have been investigating this website, and have turned it over to the proper authority for further investigation. I was told to charge back on my card the $240 which I did attempt. I was told to contact the merchent to resolve it. Which i did. I spoke with "carla" who after requesting a refund and asking to speak with brandon i was hung up on. I then continued calling back, i dialed 1001 and attempted to reach someone but kept getting a recording of the "Union News Hiring Line". After several attempts i miraculously reached brandon tyler, told him i wanted a refund. He told me he does not do refunds, and assured me he knew after 1 year the credit card company would definently not approve a disput on my behalf because he has provided me the services described. At no time is there a gurantee of how many calls or leads you may get. He got me. Thats okay i realize he needed the money more than i did. I have filed several complaints on my behalf as well with the FBI internet crimes division as well, as i have see other users stating they have done so as well. I did realize anytime you call union news, you get the same people. Patrick Kelly, Carla, or The infamous Brandon Tyler. My suggestion is to not throw away your money. That is all you are doing by becoming a sponsor with Union News.

  • Al
      22nd of Dec, 2015
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    Unfortunately for me I researched after I committed. I am the daughter, niece, granddaughter, sister of many union members and had been so excited to get the call from Robert Poulack. 202-800-0174. I bought the ad and then went home to tell my Dad all about it. I was shocked when he said he had never heard of it. I asked many other union members that I know and non had heard of this service. Then I called 3 local unions and non of them had heard of this service. I was not happy to hear this and quickly reached out to Robert and his supervisor, Paula Storbeck. I was told that they were aflliliated and Paula said she would have her boss call me and go over which unions they had contact with. Well that was November 2nd and I still to this day have heard nothing. I have sent several emails and have had 2 conversations with Paula. Every time we talk she let's me know that I will not be getting a refund and that they are a legitimate company and that her boss is a stand up guy who is just going through a family crisis now. I am completely understanding of the family situation which is why I have been patiently waiting to hear from him. Today she finally responded to 3 emails that I have sent over the last 2 months with "These email's are being forwarded to my boss".

    I was lied to by Robert and led to believe that there was local affiliation with unions. When I brought this to Paula;s attention she said she would review the recorded conversation and then coach him if needed but I would still receive no refund.
    Please, please do not spend your hard earned money on this. My ad has been up for 3 months and no calls. $500 later and no one from their company can explain any affiliation with any union near me. DO NOT LET THEM FOOL YOU INTO BELIEVING THIS IS SOMEWAY SUPPORTING YOUR LOCAL UNION MEMEBERS! you can call me personally. I have plenty of documentation of my communication, or lack there of with this organization.

  • Sk
      3rd of Nov, 2016
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    I too was a victim of this scam, went through everything everyone else went through. I ended up getting in contact with my former sales rep recently and he told me that Brandon Tyler does not consider what he does sales, he often openly brags to his employees about how he is just stealing peoples money and making a lot of money doing it. At the time I decided to do a search for him and found him on trial in Nye County for attempted murder with a hearing in Dec of 2016. Its since not on the Nye County calendar as I write the review but should be back up when they post their Dec. Dates. Hopefully he will get the karma he deserves.

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