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Some woman with the same name as me (and a similar email address) appeared to open an account on using my email address back in late July... she'd uploaded her CV and everything (and I got notifications of this new account as well as a copy of her CV)! I took the email address off the CV and emailed her to tell her (trying to be nice) - NO REPLY (later discovered it went into her junk email which is understandable!).

I called Total Jobs and spoke to an advisor - nice guy who said he'd help if I emailed him the details which I did (emailed everything over and explained again)... Total Jobs did nothing... then I followed up with another email asking if they'd update me on progress... STILL NOTHING. So I gave up and went in using the password that had been sent to me and closed the account to stop the spam I was getting about various jobs. That was a few weeks ago...

Today - more emails arrived telling me I had successfully applied for more jobs! I logged back in using my email address (using the 'forgot password' function... and the account was active again, with jobs having been applied for recently. I changed the password on the site and my personal email account and called the woman direct. She said she had indeed been accessing with no problems and applying for jobs (no idea how she was getting in as I had the password!! It has really scared her that her personal details ended up with me... she's lucky I'm a good citizen who wouldn't use them for anything bad.

Neither her or I know what is going on here but a simple authentication email to the person when they first set up their account would be a simple fix! Unbelievable in this day and age. I wonder if she used the wrong email originally and ticked a box to 'automatically recognise' her... hence getting in each time with no dramas...??? Wonder if she'll be able to get in now that I've changed the password but left the account live... Either way - appalling security from a well known website that holds personal details!

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