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www.swoopo.com / Misleading auctions

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BUYER BEWARE!!!. I found a new auction site, or what I thought was a new auction site. After watching the different auctions and getting sucked into "PURCHASING BID PKGS" as they call them. Well you cant bid on anything unless you have PRE-PAID for your bids. they start at $24.00 for 49 bid clicks on an auction. well as we all know you can click several times for bids when in an auction. Keep in mind you are being charged $.60 cents every time you make a bid on something. You most likely won't win that auction . Most of the auctions I watched, the winners were clicking about 100 to 110 times to stay in the bidding for what ever they are wanting to buy. Well at $.60 per click and the price of the item that you win. that is a pretty expensive auction. Do the math here. lets say 100 clicks for this item that is $60.00 Plus the price of the item that you were bidding on lets say it was $150.00 now that item just cost you $ 210.00 + S/H .<br />
<br />
What I found to be so so wrong is that when an item gets down to the last 10 seconds of the bidding as each of the bidders clicked for their bid to go in the timer would reset and start the count town again sometimes as much as an hour or two. The one item I watched was a WII listing for $249.00 . the bids were up to $185.00 ( not a bad price as they go) however when the timer reset back by 15 tp 30 seconds with all the bidding of those unsuspecting souls bidding in hop they would win, this auction went on reseting the timer for the auction for over 7 hours. The reason for that and how you say can that be. Well they are bidding at $.12 or $.01 per click for that item, that is how it can gon on for hours. Lets say that you want to win the bid how many clicks at $.60 do you think it would take to win that item ? I watched and the average for something nice was at least 100 clicks. Keep in mind you for the most part may not win the auction and lets say you hung in there for 100 clicks, you just paid that site $60.00 to play that auction along with lets say 25 other people. Do the math on that one. <br />
<br />
25 x100=2500 clicks that = $1500.00 they are making with this so called auction. The item that you are bidding on is a WII for frtail of $249.00 and the bidders ran it up to $180.00, what a steal huh!!! <br />
<br />
Where I came from any auctions that I have been in when you bid you are not losing money by the handful you just dont' win the item you are bidding on.<br />
<br />
SO AS IT SAYS, "BUYER BEWARE" and watch what auctions you go to. This site I am talking about is going to just cost you big time and you walk away with WHAT??? <br />
<br />
The other ting I noticed was they have a "BIDBUTLER" how nice for them. when you put in the amt you want to bid between $ this amt and $ that amt and you want to make 25 bids. Well everything someone bids $.12 per clock the bid butler makes one up on that, it doesnt' take long for your bids and your $$$ to be gone and the auction hasn't even started good yet. At $.12 per click people just go nuts . Think about that. lets say the item goes to $180.00 how many clicks did it take to get there, how many $.60 clicks did it take to get there, WOW 1500 at $.60 a pop from all bidders. WHOA what a racket that is to make money on the internet. <br />
<br />
when I brought it to their attention that the timer would reset for hours on end then end the auction they didnt' care. They also informed me that they are in several countries on the internet making money with this so called auction. They really don't care about people losing a ton of money just in the bidding process and not winning any auction at all. I suppose that if you can afford to sit and bid on things at $.60 a pop then you could spend a few hundred a day there and not win a thing. <br />
<br />
JUST BEWARE about this so called auction site. Given their business practice and mind set I should think about getting paid $900.00 per item that cost me maybe $125.00 that is one heck of a markup and profit for the day. With that kind of profit I could retire in less then 6 months .<br />
<br />
BE CAREFUL where you auction at. stay with the good ones that are proven and trusted and it doesn't cost you per bid click .

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