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I found these sites when looking for a pair of Ray-ban and : They told they had genuine Ray-bans for knock-off prices, all because they said they buy liquidated stocks and others...
I got very curious and search the web and found 4 people that said they've been ripped off by them. Anyway, I thought I should give them a try to prove them to be honest!?
I asked them specifically if they we're genuine and got a positive response. So I bought a pair of Ray-ban for a total of 65$- very good price!!!
Once I got them, I could see at once that they we're fake, and not even the best of fakes I've seen!
I tried to get them to send me a real pair and return the fakes, but they gave their standard answer: Sorry, we do not sell fakes, if you're not happy with the glasses, please return them and we will refund you( but only the glasses, and no shipping fees).
I even tried to make paypal come in and rescue me, but no go...
They keep insisting that they do not sell fakes, funny that I suspected that before buying and I got right aswell.
I would NOT recommend anyone to buy from them, because of their dishonest, and not willing to serve a customer in a proper way!!!

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  • Ra
      Sep 02, 2009 and : are selling all fake sunglasses, they are very bad and even a lay man will catch these glasses are not real products. Do not into the web of these companies, buy fro m authentic sellers like Amazon and all.
    Once you pay money to and :, forget about refund, just throw the glasses and write a review.. sadly thats what i am doing now.

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  • Da
      Mar 31, 2010

    I agree the Luxottica Group is a scam!!! Be very careful and investigate before you send your sunglasses to this group.

    I sent two pair of Ray Ban sunglasses for repair for an obvious their-fault warranty claim due to a broken frame. Then they sent a letter claiming one of the sunglasses were discontinue and the other Ray Ban, according to them it was not a factory issue. I disagreed and ask them to have someone like a manager contact me, it took weeks and when AI finally called back, they told me it was because they had determine once again that it was not a factory defect and they could offer me a 20% discount for another pair of the same model. I bough my glasses at $165, they were asking me to pay 180 with the 20% discount. Be aware of the scam, they just want you to call to sell you a new pair of sunglasses. There is no fixing or repair taking place at this location. The frame soldering of my sunglasses just open and the lenses just fell off. Extremely bad design from Ray Bans, I used to be a Ray Ban fanatic, I can tell you that was the last time I purchased a set of Ray Bans.

    This is a scam. I urge all to not buy any Ray Ban products! I am out the 12.50 processing fee. I asked for a return of my sunglasses. This is a scam and a rip-off

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  • Ik
      Jun 01, 2010

    i ordered 5 pairs in total from site. the ray ban were FAKE, the Cartier too FAKE and Armani MAY BE authentic. But the seller still certifying that his items were authentic.
    before i buy i asked them if the glasses are genuine and the answer was affirmative.
    I have returned all items to seller(and i payed the shipping expenses), but i was not yet refund because he says that i only can get my money back after 60 days.
    for precision, Proglasses shipped goods from Malaysia but to return it seller gave me an address in CHINA.
    I don't advice people to buy from them even if prices seem good at the site BUT PRICES ARE VERY EXPENSIVE FOR REPLICA GLASSES

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