www.SkateAmerica.comRip off company can't deliver order

Skate America is the worst company I have come across with regards to being able to answer customer support questions and most importantly being able to deliver the goods you brought! In view of all the other complaints here I will add mine also;

We placed an order on 24th march 2009 for 3 pairs of shoes for $367. Two pairs of those shoes were "discontinued" and it wasn't clear to me if discontinued meant the shoes were still available for shipping or not. I opened up three support tickets asking the status of my order, the first two tickets were closed with no reply. On the third ticket I got a boiler plate reply having threatened them to chargeback if they did not reply properly.

Anyhow I changed the two pair of shoes in my order for different models and the order on the website updated ok. Even though I stated in my initial support queries I did not want partial orders shipped, they shipped partial orders.

The claimed to have sent the first pair of shoes on 14th Apr 2009, I received these on the 2nd May 2009.

On the 6th May 2009 they placed an unauthorised charge of $6.99 on my card which appears to be for shipping the second pair of shoes. They claim the second pair of shoes was shipped on 6th may 2009, but I did not receive them until 29th Jun 2009, 54 days later, so they must have sent them by Sea rather than Air mail.

Having received the second pair of shoes I logged into the website and see that the 3rd pair of shoes has been cancelled. I opened up a support ticket asking for a refund but one week later they still have not replied. I then came across the website to write about my experiences.

As of this writing Skate America owe me the monetary amount of;

- one pair of shoes
- refuned on the unauthorised transaction of $6.99
- partial refund (one third) on the $139 they charged in shipping fees initially for the 3 pair of shoes order

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