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I registered on the website I uploaded some photos of mine, but another guy from the website stole them and posted as his own. I contacted the moderators and asked to help me, but these jerks only promised. After 2 weeks they told me that this user provided the proof that it was his photos. I started to argue with them, but they blocked me. I wouldn’t recommend other people to use this website.

May 12, 2015
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  • Ch
      20th of May, 2015

    The people running this new site don't seem to have given much thought to copyright. To be fair they did add a note on the upload page to the effect that you can only upload your own pictures. This was in response to a user's suggestion.

    Despite requests from users, no copyright notices are displayed alongside images. Not even the standard "All images are owned by their respective uploaders" sort of thing. Worse still, the site strips all metadata from uploaded images including copyright and owner fields. Anyone can download images from the site but, due to the lost metadata, they couldn't contact the owners even if they wanted to.

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  • Ii
      29th of May, 2015

    We take copyright violations seriously. All rights remain to the original photographer.

    Now, we have disabled right clicking on photos to complicate illegal photo downloading from Shutter Critic. In addition, we've added a 'Copyright by xxx' text below each photo.

    And what comes to the original poster axelf's complaints. Nobody has contacted us on issue like that and zero accounts have been blocked from the site.

    We're displeased to hear false accusations like this.

    Best Regards,
    The Shutter Critic Team

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