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wwwselfhelpffco / unatthorized charge

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All I did was take advantage of a free offer of the AcaiBerry supplement. I recieved my free sample. I called to cancel any other orders as I was instructed to do. I was still sent an order and charged 89.95. I called and tried to fight this charge because I did cancel this, but no luck. I was assured that I would not have any more charges on my account. Well, March 1st another charge shows up for 29.95. I called the number to see what the charge was for - [protected]. I was on hold for 45 minutes. Then a gentleman from the Phillipines answered the phone and said they were to busy to help me now but they would take my name and number and call me back within the hour to solve this. It has been 4 hours and I have not recieved a phone call. PLEASE DONT GET SUCKED INTO THIS SCAM. I will fight this and close my checking account to prevent further unathorized charges.

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  • Li
      5th of Mar, 2009
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    Happened to me too. Only I ordered Colotox. I used a credit card. I went through a big headache to get some refunds back on the product but I still paid $$$ and the company wwwselfhelpffco was still sending me a charge every month of $29.95 for what, I do not know. I had called and cancelled and when I tried to call again, they put me on hold for 1/2 hour and when we were talking, they disconnected the call! Also, the reception was horrible and I could barely hear them! So, I called my credit card company and told them about his scam and I put in a complaint for unauthorized charges and I have cancelled my credit card! What a scam and I really did not see it coming or see anything in writing about this company when I ordered the colotox!DO NOT BE TAKEN BY THIS RIP OFF SCAM.

  • Me
      13th of Mar, 2009
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    Today I looked at my online statement and I too was charged 29.95. I was so Pissed! I called and I actually had better luck in getting to talk to a person. I was livid and told them that they were a scam and I need a refund or I need to talk to her supervisor. Well she cancelled the "subscription" that I never sign up for and said that she will give me a refund. (haven’t see it yet) I am extremely nervous because I have no idea how they got my account information (they told me that they were separate from Acai Berry) I canceled my Acia berry in December 08. I know better now with these scans... why is it everything is a scam these days? what happen to honesty and not trying to screw someone out of is not alot of money it just I feel scammed and that is the worst part. I hate this world is so ### and Acaiberry and their associates are immoral people.

  • To
      6th of Apr, 2009
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    Okay.. so i was charged for this product and i never signed for it.. i called that number thankfully i got it from here.. and they cancelled the subscription. Well she said she would cancel it but she never refunded me my money so that pissed me off.. im going to cancel my account number and get a new one. this is crazy!!!
    the women could barely speak english and she couldnt understand me.

    DONT EVER PUT YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER ONLINE!!! dont trust anybody online unless you are using paypal!

  • Am
      6th of Apr, 2009
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    the same exact thing just happened to me, i didn't oreder that though. i ordered bromalite. is there anyway we can get our 29.95 back. i didnt tell them they could do that. im so upset. i am overdrwan now thanks to them. my direct deposit doesnt come in till tomorrow.

  • Kd
      8th of Apr, 2009
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    I too just noticed a 29.95 charge pending on my account. I wrote down the name "wwwselfhelpffco" and immediately googled it. It brought up this site. Once I saw that it was for Acai Berry/Bromalite, I knew exactly what it was for. I too cancelled within the trial period and sent back the unused portions via UPS...back in January! I checked my account and noticed that I had been charged the 29.95 in February and March in addition to the pending charge for April. I wrote down the number listed on my bank statement, 866 407 1022, and called.

    A gentelman answered the phone rather quickly which surprised me after reading the above comments. The gentleman asked my name and proceeded to say his he was having technical problems with his computer and that I'd have to call been later. I told him that I was not getting off the phone until I was refunded for all three charges of 29.95 and issued a confirmation number. He told me he would be unable to assist me because of his computer problems and insisted that I call back in 15 minutes. I remarked that his computer wasn't experiencing any problems when they illegally charged me for the service and again told him that I was not getting off the phone until this matter was resolved. I told him I'd be glad to hold on the phone with him for 15 minutes until his system was working properly. He repeatedly insisted that I call back and I repeatedly refused. I told him that my bank account was illegally accessed and that the charges were unauthorized and I was going to be issued a confirmation of a refund before I hung up the phone. At one point I told him that we'd been arguing for at least 10 minutes so I'd be glad to wait another 5 minutes for his computer to access my information.

    Finally he said he would transfer me to his supervisor. Natasha answered promptly and asked for my name, zip code and address to confirm my account, which made me think that the other guy never even tried to access my information because all I gave him was my name. I told Natasha that I'd canceled this service on, or about, January 21st and that there had subsequently be 3 unauthorized charges to my bank account. She informed me that the charges were not for the product I ordered, but for some online diet support program. She told me that canceling the product did not cancel the service because they are two separate companies; she apologized that no one told me about the service.

    I told her that I was not informed of any service and had never used the service and demanded a refund. She then offered to refund me for 2 of the 29.95. I told her I wanted to be refunded for ALL 3 charges. She put me on hold and then came back and said I was being refunded all three charges, get this, as a courtesy. I asked her for a confirmation number, which she issued and told me to look for the refunds to appear on my next bank statement. You can bet I'll be checking my account online everyday until I see those charges refunded.

    I write all this to say,

    I'm sorry for those who were given the run around in the past and unsuccessfully attempted to obtain a refund. But hopefully someone else will read this and be just as persistent as I was until they receive justice. I just hope the refund gets processed and that I don't have to contact them any further.

  • Cj
      17th of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes

    CJW 04/17/09 All the above letters are a reflection of what happened to me as well! In today's world and economy we cannot allow this kind of assault to go on. I'm disabled and living on limited income. You can bet I'll be watching my account for future claims. I too received a conformation number to resolve this matter. Demand your rights, call this number over and over until they get the message. Demand a conformation number, their name, and speak to their supervisor.

    (866) 407-1022

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