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Yes this site is a scam. My experience was different from the others who have already complained. Instead of not registering my bids, the clock registered them went down to as low as 5 seconds remaining then just jumped straight back to 15 seconds, repeatedly and interminably! It almost gave me a headache watching it, that is if I didn't already have a headache from the horror of realising I had been tricked out of £10 so easily. The site really does sound like it has a good business basis, it charges for bids and it charges premium rates for calls. So it should be in profit even without having to scam people, but sadly alas. I have already submitted a complaint to the Advertising Standards Agency, so will have to wait and see if they manage to get it taken down and catch the offenders.

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  25th of Jan, 2009
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i dont think you read how the site works, how the bidding works is for each bid placed it adds a certain number of seconds. thats what drives up the price of the item, the only ones you are gonna win are the ones in which no one has their bidbutler program on, that and i think they have some bots that bid and drive the price up, theres no way you could win those items without spending more than a few hundred in bids, for a 1500 dollar tv. downside is the money the other 20 people spent bidding is now lost, the side is ingenious though, say they have a 1500 dollar tv and it costs .75 cents to bit and the bidding cost reaches $1200 dollars that means 1200/.15=8000 bids, at .75 cents a bid .75*8000=6000. thats 6000 dollars they made off the one item, anyone who doesnt see that is a fool and deserves to have wasted a few dollars to see that they should read the fine print... when have you ever heard of someone getting a 1500 dollar anything for $210.15, not ever...

  17th of May, 2009
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Yeah, you're a ###. When they TELL you all the rules, it's not a scam. It's a game, one where the house always wins (been to a Casino?), and they (unlike Casinos) tell you straight up... and you STILL end up whining like a ### about they scammed me. Your parents scammed society into supporting an idiot who will never add anything to our system, but will constantly complain about stronger and smarter people (read: everyone) taking advantage. See, most people fall somewhere in the middle, win and lose some, and so take losses better. You lose all, and so you ### like so and drive the rest of us crazy, until one good person is wasted to snap and kill you. End result: 18+yrs of Society's money wasted, Population +1 Useless ### for 18+ yrs, back to normal at the cost of -1 Productive Non-###. Humans. Faaar too merciful on your type.

  25th of Sep, 2009
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I don't think you should take any notice of the bad mouthing from those know -alls!

If you are an intelligent adult - which you seem to be - then you would know how a dictionary works and
would understand the meaning of the word 'Auction'

I am a regular at my local and 'live' auction in town and there is no 'moving the goal posts' there. They play tot the rules ie highest bidder wins.

Good Luck with your Com[plaints procedure. Let us know how you get on


  14th of Dec, 2009
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hello every1... by the way it is pretty astonishing how i got a hold on this website... since i was doin a little rearch on google and I came across scoopo website and I was thrilled by the bids that go on and the prices of the items being bid on... it really is cheap and once I read this site and the comments of that lady up there, I was a little surprised and I said to myself well, well were am i going with this, is this a scam for real? OMG thanks God I found this before it was too late.. but then I read the supporters of scoopo cooments and they actually turn out to make sense... TODAY i got introduced to it, but i got the chance to catch up some things that go around on that website... now the good thing is that if you notice the process of biddin, the items being posted will mention that the biddin process is (1cent at a time, 6cents at at ime etc..) now (to the lady) if you expect yourself to bid for the time posted up initially by bidding cent at a time and then you want the bid to be closed once the bidding time is over, then lets say no one saw that item or recognized it and he bid 1 cent before any1 else, do YOU really think a 46" plasma TV deserves to be sold for 1 holy CENT!!! like COME ON... and that was what made kinda believe what you were nagging about... However the other guys made an amazing point which is, you should consider the bids all the bidders put into an item, and sometimes it takes someone over 1000 bid to win an item, which means others did not less than 500 and that is the secret behind how this website makes profit out of this... it might seem little for you if youbid at the right time and win the item without bidding much, but you have to keep what i said previously in mind... THERE ARE 100's out there bidding on the same item too...
I'm so happy I saw this, it cleared up lots of things for me... and 1 more thing, so you claim that they scammed you for a 10 euros, then what would you have done if you lost like 500... I BET and BIDDDDDD you would have sent a complaint to the Advertising Standards Agency to SHUT DOWN THE EARTH probably... just get over it, and read a little out "profit making strategies" maybe you'll become a better bidder :D

  11th of Mar, 2010
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This site is ### like the language of their supporters. Sounds like they are Afro-Americans. I would be aware of the Scoopo, like aware you should be in Bronx. As you see there is street rule - no mercy, and once you spend money they will put you down and offend with their language. Be aware of Scoopo.

  21st of Jul, 2010
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The site is a part auction/ part entertainment site. You pay for the entertainment - the excitement of the possibility of buying something cheap. Remember though that the odds will always be in favour of the house - that's why multiple other sites like this one have cropped up across the world. I also agree with the earlier poster that it is not a fraud if they've laid out the rules up front, which they have. If you buy a lottery ticket every day for 50 years and never win, you can't complain that they have cheated you.

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