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Scammers through and through. This awful pair have conned hundreds of potential investors with fake icos and also fake reviews online of legit businesses.

They are so desperate to not retun to the uk where they are wanted they will try sell anything from fake crypto investments, fake businesses and even ebay accounts .. you name it, they have a scam attached to it.

Fraud is fraud and authorities will catch up with them as with the custoners they have scammed.

Be warned and buy from reputable businesses you can meet and id check, use a solicitor in all cases to vet any opportunities. It will save you dealing with this scummy pair.

Jul 26, 2018
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  • Ta
      Jul 30, 2018

    defo scammers, just go on google and look for and there is loads of bad press

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  • On
      Aug 12, 2018

    Sorry I couldn't find anything when typing in take a look for yourselves.

    Nathan coombe and Jordan James Snell and Victoria Davis plus Chris Funnell is all part of this scam that has been doing on for years. sterling businesses ltd plus many others!

    Not sure what the last guy is talking about! Type these names into Google and you will find court cases, fraud charges, police arrests

    I have spoken with James and also met James and lisa in person. They have a office in Sheffield where customers are able to meet and discuss requirements..

    All these posts has been written by a competitor it's very clear to see this. If you do your own research into the names above and see what companies they own you will see it's the competitors writing the comments.

    Please do your own research because these competitors are criminals and have a criminal past history all recorded online!

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  • On
      Aug 18, 2018

    James taylor is a thief and a serial rip off merchant who steals from people and hurts them financially by using a short con technique involving the alleged brokering of eBay accounts which is of course in tiny against eBay's terms and constitutes massive eBay account fraud.

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  • Th
      Aug 20, 2018

    An out-and-out scammer and this evil individual won't think twice about taking your money and then ignoring your phone calls when you try to get it back.

    He got caught in the UK posting fake reviews on businesses there and then left the country.

    Do all due diligence possible on this person before even considering doing any business and if you can't afford a solicitor to do it than simply do a Google search on the name James Marnley which is his birth name and you'll see that he as closed down 8 businesses in 8 years and some calling himself james taylor and lord taylor. He has lost a whole load of court cases since 2008 which are all public record.

    He is not a bitcoin investor and knows nothing about it and is definitely not a businessman and knows even less about that so you'll be far better just giving you money to charity than investing anything with this complete waste of an organ set.

    It is also documented on a YouTube video by his own wife for the actually beat her in the comments.

    He will always write fake reviews to counteract any bad press on him but the fact is that there's no smoke without fire and this fire's been raging for 10 years now so it simply common sense that you shouldn't do business with this person.

    Anything he may claim to be able to teach you you can simply find yourself for free on the internet with no cost whatsoever and you will learn a lot more besides.

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