www.pokkadots.comOrdered a crib

Do not buy anything from this ridiculous company, they gave me nothing but trouble! Ordered a crib from and they took my money very fast. I did not receive any confirmations so I contacted them to ask if everything was fine. Their rep assured me they received the money and promised that I'll get all the confirmations any time soon. Two days later I contacted them again and spoke to another rep which said that they did not receive the payment. I called my bank and they said that their system clearly showed that Pokkadots received the money. Pokkadots called me a liar and claimed that there was something wrong with my bank.
When I asked them to cancel my order they agreed but refused to refund me and said that they did not have my money. This site is terrible!! Beware buyer, do not buy from Pokkadots!

Jan 24, 2017

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