SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / fraudulent business

Cincinnati, OH, United States

I placed an order with opsgear. Two weeks later with no products arriving in the mail I contacted customer service to find out where my products were.
I got no reply.
Three days later I contacted them requesting a refund. They replied that they were sorry, but that if it was acceptable they will get my order to me in a week (they had evidently not shipped anything then)
Seven days later, nothing in the mail. I contact customer service again. Again, customer service apologizes and say that they will get my products to me in a further week. This only shows they had still not processed any order from me, and if they had not done so in 3.5 weeks, they were unlikely to ever do so.
I requested an order cancellation and a refund. The order was cancelled, but no refund was forthcoming.
I am now attempting to get my money back through Paypal resolution center.

It seems Opsgear's method of doing business is to simply string customers along until it is past the point where a customer can easily get a refund, then to stonewall them. Having now read a bunch of reviews for Opsgear, it is pretty clear they are a fraudulent company and that this is not simply a case of accident or sloppy business practice.

Jan 22, 2015

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