I went to this website that appeared to be selling a bunch of ebooks and software with resell rights. It was nothing big, less than $20 but I thought it would be a good thing to give to my customers. Well I paid for 2 sets of downloads (so I thought). After I paid $9.95 for one set then $7 for a second set I was given 2 of the EXACT same download packages so was basically DOUBLE CHARGED FOR THE SAME GARBAGE. All the downloads were DEAD LINKS. Roy fielding kept my money and is selling people a scam. I started out giving him a chance to either give me working downloads or a refund and contacted him several times. He did not bother to contact me so I was forced to file a complaint through paypal.He then contacted me sending me the SAME GARBAGE DEAD LINKS telling me they work fine. This guy is must do this all day long thinking people are not going to check the downloads. Beware of this site - total scam. scam beware

Dec 23, 2014

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