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www.NATURES-ACAI / Automatic Credit Card Charges with Free Trial

1 5425 E Broadway Rd, Suite #282Tuscan, AZ, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 800-983-7968

Multiple charges began coming out of my account 15 days from a 30 day free trial offer. I called 16 days after ordering free trial and they refused to credit my account the $79.96. I called and emailed them again and they again refused to refund this charge. I threatened law suite for misleading information on their label and they agreed to a refund. Each tablet has 200 mg of caffiene. Their recommended doseage would be 400 mg of caffiene a day by lunch time. This is equal to about 4 cups of coffee (the label states one cup of coffee.) For someone who's heart is sensitive to stimulants, this can cause heart arrhythmias and possibly trigger an acute myocardial infarction. You may be making an expensive trip to the ER if you use this product.


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  • Lu
      20th of Feb, 2009
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    naturesvacai - 14 day free trial scam
    natures acai
    United States
    Phone: 1-800-983-7968

    NATURE'S ACAI 14 FREE TRIAL IS A SCAM!!! 14 days really is only 4!!!

    It took them 10 days of the 14 day free trial for me to receive the product even though it also took them 6 days to charge my account. They claim they will ship the product 24 hours within the time you place the order. Instead they waited 6 days AFTER I placed the order to charge my account. So, you mean to tell me that they shipped the product prior to me paying for the postage? How does this make sense? When I called to cancel the "membership" they said I was already 3 days past the 14 day free simplify:

    Feb 3rd: placed order, 14 day free trial begins
    Feb 9th: (day 6 of 14) credit card charged $4.99/shipping
    Feb 14th: (day 11 of 14) received product
    Feb 17th: (day 14 of 14)unaware 14 day free trial ends
    Feb 20th: (11 days after cc was charged, 6 days after receiving product) charged $79.96 for NEXT 30 day supply that I have NOT received and won't for 30 days AFTER the original order was shipped.

    SCAM!!! They will not help you, the customer service reps are difficult to understand and keep repeating themselves over and over stating that I should have read the terms of offer. Clearly they are on a mission to NOT reimburse/satisfy their customers. I keep seeing the same 800# on all these posts along with apologizes from Nature's Acai representatives. they will not help you or satisfy your needs.

    DO NOT fall for this scam unless you are willing to spend the additional $79.96 when the 14, actual 4, day free trial is up.


  • Ma
      24th of Mar, 2009
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    WWW.NATURES-ACAI - Acai Berry Pill
    New Jersey
    United States

    I also ordered the so-called FREE sample and used my Visa debit card to pay for the shipping and handling. I never DID receive the product but they took $79.96 out of my acct and then about 10 days later $29.95 and $2.95...I called and got some foreign customer service rep who kept putting me on hold and said she was NOT able to
    refund my money...When she finally came back on the line I flipped out on her and said I better have the money back in my acct the next day. I called my bank who said yes they had returned the $29.95 and the $2.95 but NOT the $79.96. I tried calling them and also left them a nasty e-mail about my attorney and reporting them to everyone I could think of. I also had to cancel my debit card and be issued another one which is going to take 5-7 days...I am so dam mad I could just scream. I am also embarrassed to have been taken and wished I had checked the internet about these dam idiots. I am still going to pursue the constant phone calls and e-mails but I will probably never see the $79.96!!!

  • De
      24th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    I totally agree, These mother ###ers need to bee shot!!! And how they get our cell phone numbers I dont have a clue. I wish that I could get my hands ahold of them, they also took me for the very exact money !!! I hope they rot in hell!!!The Son of a ### wont get anymore off of my credit card it has been cancelled, and if they are reading this stick it up your ###.

  • Gr
      24th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    I totally agree with you!!! I am so disgusted with this whole situation, and also embarassed as I NEVER do something like this, but now I can only hope to get to my bank and cancel my card also before these blood sucking AH take more from me!!! As if time are not hard enough, we have to have low lifes like this scamming us also!

  • Co
      25th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    On behalf of Nature's Acai Berry, I would like to apologize for any miscommunication of the nature of our risk free trial offer of the acai berry supplement. With so many health benefits, including increasing energy, burning fat, and reducing the signs of aging, the company and its affiliates offers an amazing product! All of the terms are fully disclosed to any and all of our valued customers and thus customers, for whom satisfaction is assumed, agree to a continued membership upon sign-up. This elite membership includes the automatic shipping and billing of your new supply of Nature's Acai Berry to save you the inconvenience of having to reorder by phone! If you have since changed your mind, remember that you have the option of canceling your orders at any time by contacting our helpful customer service representatives at the number listed on our site (1-800-983-7968). Your satisfaction is our number one concern, so feel free to contact us to resolve any issues. Thank you and have a great day!

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