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Phone: 260-578-2183 is a scam and ripped me off $20... Promises a money making website for one price and it actually asks for over 100. Its a freakin rip off and i want my money back!

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  • Ph
      Jan 31, 2010

    I want to make people aware of a company that has been in business for two years that is a pyrimid scheme !!!They call themselves a "christian"org.Yea' we know about those lieing, theiving, scamming"christians".The main office is in Dallas called mynetuniverse, they sell distributer positions for $199.and a monthly fee of $29.Allegedly to give away free "shopping genies"which are a type of search engine tool to save money shopping on the internet, however, they lied to me about everything !!!Except the genie does work, but I spent two weeks working my ### off, twelve hour days, with nothing to show for it, I could not give the damn things away!!!Their version of "training" was to go on to facebook, myspace, youtube, try and sell your new friends the $199., $29.package !!! I dropped these people like a hot potato, I know this needs to be edited sorry for the potty-mouth Am very angry about being scammed, I feel foolish, At least I got my money back, which took some doing on my part and thanks to click-bank, am very disgusted with these people, moreover, I could not find anything on these people, good or bad, prior to signing up!!!Am going to blog about them on different sites, thank you for your time Patti

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  • Vi
      Feb 16, 2010

    I have never heard of these scam artist and in my case thieves! They got my debit card number somehow and used it to sign me up in their scam get rich scheme that I knew nothing about until I found charges for $49.95 from them on my debit charge and in days to follow several more bogus charges from other scam companies that these crooks apparently sold my personal information too.

    I have reported them to the local police, Federal trade Commission, and Federal Bureau of investigation. My debit card number has never been used online and the only way these crooks could have got it is by theft (hacking into my bank account) or purchasing it from a thief. The card has never been out of my possession and there is no way this could have happened by accident. Someone could have used a camera phone to photo it, but they would have had to sell it to these crooks. Why would anyone that stole my card number and ID want to sign me up for some scam like this? How would that benefit them unless someone is paying them for card numbers.

    Visit their webpage and see for yourself. Why do they need a page like this? because they are making illegal charges to thousands of credit cards and when the victim discovers the illegal charges they can get them removed. This is how these thieves escape prosecution. They make money on all the victims that never notice these charges or don't take the time to get them reversed. Their site also threatens you with reporting you to and ruining your reputation which discourages a lot of victims that fall prey to this meaningless threat. These crooks have violated federal law in their raid on my personal bank account. I intend to prosecute and encourage you to do the same. Always contact your local police.

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  • Ml
      Apr 27, 2010

    You think $20.00 is bad. The same web site www.myprofit...almost to $3, 200 off my credit card! Thank God I went with my gut feeling and cancelled my credit card just as soon as I gave them permission to use it for my benefit. They had the nerve to congratualte me for trying their business!

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  • Ip
      Feb 13, 2011 - Stay away from these guys
    United States

    I too pay 49.95 for one time fee for website and was charges another 49.95 from other companies and internet fee per each month just to sell and build website. you end up paying Jackson about $300 and up for website with other partners charges of another $300 and up to get business sells.

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