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1 NC, United States

I have been a panel member of the laurenlightspeedpanel survey company for over one year. During that time, I had accumulated a large number of points by qualifying and completing surveys, in which the company was asking for my opinion/viewpoint on certain products and ideals.
Within the past two months, I suddenly encountered problems completing surveys sent by this company through technical glitches on their end. On occasion, I was unable to enter my id name and password whenever they emailed me survey invitations, even though this info. should have been in their database. When I was able to log in and complete invitations, I suddenly and inexplicably was "timed out" from finishing the surveys. An error message would pop up indicating that I had previously attempted to complete the survey. This was a DEFINITE glitch on the company's end. That, or I would receive a survey invitation, then within a few minutes denied from completing the survey because an error message would pop up indicating that the survey was closed.
On at least 5 occasions, in frustration I attempted to contact them through their support email address about these various problems. NOT ONCE did ANYONE from laurenlightspeed make an attempt to reply to my messages. Never!! (And yes, I checked my spam box, although the company website was always addressed that was allowed into my email inbox).
Apparently, they must have become fed up with my complaints because they took my name and info. out of their database completely. And apparently, I no longer have the option to redeem my points that I EARNED through my membership and completing previous surveys in selecting prizes, gifts, or cash!
Shame on you, laurenlightspeed support staff and people who run this company. At one time, I believed that this site was one of the best survey panel companies on the Internet. How wrong I was. In my opinion, this company needs to be investigated. I am probably not the only person who has been a victim of this company. It would serve them right if this company was found legally corrupt, prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and offically disbanded!


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