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www.Imagination.vg / Lack of service and poor quality of work!

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After calling and using Imagination.WS, their other domain web designing services I was extremely disappointed. I ordered a website originally during December of 2007, after a few weeks I was assigned to a web developer (this was after several nasty emails) then nothing ever got done. I had to call again and again and finally they assign me a web designer, but the work produced was terrible. I would not recommend Imagination.VG to anybody. Buyers Beware never pay upfront for any web design especially from Imagination.VG.


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  12th of Mar, 2008
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This company claims to get your website done and they don’t do it! I have personally dealt with them and they are nothing but bad news. I do agree with Casey, it took me a long time to finally get them going on my own website. They always gave me the run around when I called and did not work on it daily. It has now been 3 months and I still have no completed website and the money has already been paid. I kept having to push them to work on it and they always had some excuse. Not only til recently I found other people, like myself, who have dealt with them and their stories are shockingly identical to mine! I cannot believe how many people they have done wrong! They do not design anything, they make you do all the work and say that they did it. Its also funny how if you do some research, they have multiple websites, by multiple aliases. Try googling the following and you will see REAL reviews from REAL customers on their TRUE service. They write their own reviewes and their so called "testimonials" are a bunch of BS that they wrote themselves. They rank their own company to try to get you to sign up. Check out L.A.'s Better Business Bureau and see how many complaints they have on there! Now that is real. The BBB would not lie so if they want to go around saying that there is a competitor going around to give them a bad name, they are just trying to cover up. Also try googling their other aliases:

* imagination.ms
* imagination.fm
* imagination.ws
* Theous
* Sophea
* Infinology

And who knows how many more they have created!!! If they were truly the best web designing company, then why are there so many bad postings about them that match my exact situation? Why are there so many complaints on them with the better business bureau? Why do they keep changing their name so much? Why is their discount so big; they say that package actually costs almost $8000, but they will only charge you $3000? That’s over 75% discount. Sounds to good to be true, doesn’t it? That is because it is!!! It is also odd how the address they go by which is in Los Angeles, when you google it, it comes out to a company called "Grant Writer Association", whose website doesn’t even exist! There are too many red flags out there...I would not recommend this company to ANYONE and will tell all of my friends and relatives to stay away from them!
  13th of Mar, 2008
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I am the vice president of Imagination. If you do not like our service please contact us for an immediate solution. You can reach me personally at vicepresident@imagination.vg Imagination is a very big company we use to own Sophea, Theous and Infinology but they were sold. Infinology is no longer own or manage by us. It is managed by Trip.net These were companies created when we were small and were purchased by Trip.net. We are no longer related to any of these companies because they are all managed by another web design and hosting company Trip.net

Right now we only own Imagination Web Design all the other companies were sold and managed by another company. We only focus on web design and we are one of the biggest web design company online. We have been around for almost 10 years now and we have lots of happy customers. If you go to www.iloveimaginations.com you can read REAL REVIEWS from REAL customers who have used our service. Some are good, some are bad but you can see exactly what they have said about us. Some people have been confusing us for a grant writing company. We are not a grant writing company we are solely a web design company.

If you have any concerns about your web design service please contact me directly at vicepresident@imagiantion.vg and I will be glad to help you with any problems you have. Check the date of any complaints. We have not gotten any new complaints in the 12 months because we solved any complaints we have. If you do not like our service please contact me directly to solve your problem.
  13th of Mar, 2008
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I am the one who posted the above comment about imagination. I do have some issues with the company, but they are willing to work with me to resolve the problem. We are in the process of it. I am glad that they are agreeing to resolve my problem. Thank you
  2nd of Apr, 2008
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I, too, am in the middle of an "Imagination Experience". It appears that the idea is for us to send them our money and then use our "Imagination" to imagine a new website. We contacted this "company" to have our web site revamped, paid them our money (plus extra for the phone service to conserve our time), and now, 6 months later, have yet to see anything of a new website design. Oh, wait -- excuse me -- we did see a jpeg image that was smaller than a postage stamp. When I asked for my money back, they told me it was too late b/c 60 days had already passed. They then attempted an end-run around me (the company President) to our CEO.

My problems with this company? 1. Paid an extra amount for telephonic communications and have NEVER spoken to anyone who understood English enough to understand this: "The information for the links is already on the website. Simply go to the link that's already on our site and copy & paste it to the new page." (if a web designer cannot cut & paste, he/she is NOT a web designer) 2. Nothing was produced. 3. A ridiculous rule they tried to get me to swallow. (how do you complaint that it's been 6 months and you've gotten no product/service within 60 days?) 4. Severe lack of professionalism (that little end-run attempt) 5. Charges for something they KNOW they cannot deliver (English-speakers capable of taking direction via telephone)...the list goes on and on.

Don't feel bad though -- it wasn't us -- they couldn't communicate with our IT person. He gave up on telephonic communications & wrote voluminous instructions to them and they STILL claimed they couldn't understand. Finally, he opined that they had NO IDEA what they were doing. It cost us money - our CEO's time, my time, our IT tech's time.

FYI, this company takes money under false pretenses (that they will actually design a web site for you) and delivers nothing. THAT IS THE VERY DEFINITION OF AN INTERNET SCAM AND FALLS UNDER THE JURISDICTION OF THE FBI.

I have turned them in naming MAX LUM, the owner, as the scammer-in-chief. I have also turned them in to the CA Attorney General and the BBB. All of this was done yesterday after they received fair warning. This "company" is arrogant and ridiculous and I will pressure them, squeeze them, and tell THE TRUTH about them until this is solved.

Fortunately for us, I have 20+ years in the legal field with 5 of them working for the Attorney General. I will dig & dig (no pun intended) and, when I am finished, I will sue them . It will cost me very little b/c it minimizes my attorney fees.

As President of my company, it is unusual for me to take such an interest but it's the principle of the thing. I see no reason why an amount equal to 4 paychecks for MY people should be handed to Imagination for nothing so they can pay their scammers.

I HOPE that everyone who was victimized can get together and get JUSTICE - perhaps a Class Action lawsuit??
  2nd of Apr, 2008
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Further investigation has determined that MARC ANDERSON is the actual owner of Imagination. I will be amending my complaints to reflect this.
  3rd of Apr, 2008
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I communicated with this company via the email address above. Knowing full well that our company has absolutely no confidence in their abilities, Ted (or as his emails show "Ed Ed") informs me that we have a store credit to have our site revamped when "you are ready to get to work."

Can you "Imagine" my surpise at such gall? Not only have we been "ready" for over 6 months, but much time has been eaten up trying to get them to comprehend the idea of cut and paste at no small cost to us.

Of course, there is no way we can allow them to touch our site again now that we are aware they have Web designers that cannot under stand "cut and paste" or "copy and paste".

I continue to investigate this matter and forward the information to the appropriate authorities.
  9th of Apr, 2008
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  9th of Apr, 2008
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iMAGINATION sucks... I havent even started the website designing phase yet and i got was weirs spam mail and receipts from there other companies. Only the sales man speak English... all the customer care respresentatives and designers are foreigners with broken english!!!

They will hang up or start talking in the middle of your conversation that you thought was being listened too!!! They dont understand what the hell your saying! I havent even started the process yet and im already worried about this... ive spoke to them 10 times and havent got nothing.

imagination.vg = CRAP
  3rd of May, 2008
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Mark Anderson drives a yellow ferarri while his so called programmers earn $125.00/month back in Angeles City. Be careful, push hard and don't let them slack off.
  8th of May, 2008
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This company is back under a new name of imagination animation studios dot net, put all the spaces together. They continue to scam customers with their own review chart on the top10webdesigners..net . Just do a search for web designers during business hours and you will see their ad and website on google. If they are so good they don't have to produce a fake review chart to trick people in buying their web design. Their web design work online is all stolen. Thanks Marion for letting me know the owner is MAX LUM. I will also prosecute him for fraud activities

They outsource all their work to people on rentacoder.com, elance.com and guru.com You can even see their biddings and postings. If I were you I will put my work there and save 70-80%. Do not trust Mark or any other alias he may use.

If you purchase from them using a credit card file a chargeback immediately. Do NOT PAY ANY COMPANY ONLINE BY CHECK otherwise you will be screwed.
  29th of May, 2008
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Absolutely agree. These people cannot speak english. I've tried for 3 months now to no avail. Money wasted. Time wasted.
  2nd of Jun, 2008
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This company is excellent! I really love working with them. I'm planning to give them a lot of additional projects. GREAT!!!
  8th of Jun, 2008
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This is not true. www.imagination.vg is a good services provider and we have very good xperienced in past .

This complaint is not perfect and I think please review it again.


  12th of Jun, 2008
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I also paid up front their fees and 5 1/2 months later I still don't have a site. They tell me they are working the bugs out with my forms ( which I purchased ready to add to my site). Still no calls and unless I check everyones name on the admin panel I don't get any answers. Not a great experience at all. I keep telling them that I am not a programmer I'm a business owner and it's their job to program the site and come up with the ideas. I now know more about website design then I ever wanted to thanks to their company.
  12th of Jun, 2008
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You Guy's are right, They don't speak English a bit. There salesman has a real attitude to boot as well (he's the only one who speaks English) They also claim that for a monthly fee of I think around $45.00 you get within the top 10 on Yahoo and MSN. Thats not even possible with the sight they designed for me. Making changes has been nothing but a nightmare. Your restricted to a message board for the most part cause' NO ABLA, no Comprenda amigo. WE only want your denero white boy. As far as any effort to resolve it's a take it or leave it proposition for them. Once they have your money there ain't no getting it back after the 24 hour time period. Sorry Amigo!

Hell is a rotten place to burn, the moment you arrive there you know it's for good... from that point on nothing but regret. I hope it was worth taking all that money for my high noon defense site. Now its my turn. Not only will I bad mouth this company up and down the web, I'm going to file a complaint on state and federal levels.

Further, I'm going to shut that business down for good.
Keep your lap open... it's gonna get filled with paperwork, MR DUM and AnderNONE!
  13th of Jun, 2008
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Yes, this company is a big scam, they trick customers by using a review chart to advertise their web design. I got scammed big time by them and wrote a check to Global Payment Center which is a defunct corporation. THey always advertise daily under web designer from 8 to 5 pacific standard time in the evening. They even try to bribe me $500 to not bad mouth them and to get my info. But in reality they just want your name and info and take more from you.
  13th of Jun, 2008
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I signed up for a web redesign for our mountain bike club in Chicago last November 2007 which was developed by my friend in France but I never had my website done. I digged some information about this topic and his name is MAX LUM who is base in CALIFORNIA.

And look his new website now http://www.imagination3dart.net/. If this is a legitimate company why is he keeps on changing his website? Or should I say that he keeps messing around with all his clients by getting our payment and by not providing the service we paid for?
  13th of Jun, 2008
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There going to be shut down and the not so big guys are going to jail. Thats all you need to know.

They take your money, wear you down until you finely give up. When you cant do as promised (lofty take my money type promises), you steel it. JUST LIKE A THIEF! Very bad parenting MAX. You need to slap your mother across the mouth for doing such a bad job. People work so hard for the money they give you guys and you steal it like it was yours to begin with. Thats how they market themselves all while there "foaming at the mouth". A little hard to do when there are boards like this one to give heads up.
  13th of Jun, 2008
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Come back home Max, we will re-raise you. Were a lot calmer since we had are strokes. Love Mom!
  14th of Jun, 2008
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On January 8th, 2008, after doing research on a web design company, we made the decision to allow Imaginations to build our web site. One of the packages they had advertised was up to 200 custom pages for $2, 545.00 plus $95.00 monthly maintenance. The assured us they could complete the project in 30 – 60 days. Our website is an association member’s only website that would require some databases. At this point in time we were speaking specifically with an English speaking person named Jack Stanford who indicated that he was from California.
Within a few days we received a call from a person who spoke broken English and took all our information about the website. They assigned us a username and password and a control panel to start setting up messages back and forth with the programmers and designers.
We had already designed our own logo and knew what we wanted in terms of color and font for the site, as well as what we wanted the buttons to look like, the navigation bars and we were going to provide the content for the pages. We also provided them with detailed drawings of what each of the pages was to look like.
It seemed to be extremely difficult to explain to the designer we were now speaking with over the phone what the website was and how we wanted it to work because the people only spoke broken English and we thought we were now dealing with a company that was based in India. We know now this is not true – they are in the Philippines.
By January 24, 2008 we were on to our 2nd programmer (Monica) and we had to repeatedly explain to her what the website was supposed to be. Around February 28th we were assigned another programmer (Jacob)and we again had to explain the website. They “completed” the first page and we slowly began to design the rest of the pages. Part of the messages we received from the programmer was the he had finished the programming for the database and was just waiting for the rest of the design to be completed.
On Monday, April 14th, 2008 we received an email from our programmer (Jacob) telling us that he was no longer with Imaginations, but, he would still like to finish our website. Yes, we were now on our 4th programmer with Imaginations and we had to try to explain to this new person exactly what we were doing with the website. And our 3rd programmer (Jacob) apparently trying to contact us outside of Imaginations through email, telling us that Imaginations never planned to finish the site and that they would not come after us for the remainder of the money, they would be glad we were gone.
Each one of the 4 programmers and designers we’ve had all had Americanized names like Monica, Alvin, Jacob, Jonathan, Julia, and Judy Winters. These names are all aliases and we believe that all these people are from the Philippines. We didn’t really care where they were from, as long as they did the job. That’s what mattered to us.
We are patient people and we know that a website like the one we were designing couldn’t be made overnight; however, our patience ran out at this point. We had been promised a completed website of up to 200 pages in 30 to 60 days. It had now been over 4 months and we were a long way from being completed.
We made the decision to stop working with Imaginations and took the opportunity to print out all the correspondences we had with them. Speaking with the 3rd programmer, Jacob, through Yahoo Instant Messenger, we decided to let him and his buddy, who we knew as Alvin who was the designer on the job with Imaginations, continue with the site since Jacob understood what we were looking for. Alvin was still a designer with Imaginations and much of the time he was working on our site, he was IM’ing us was while he was supposedly working at Imaginations.
Jacob promised us thru the emails that he would have the site completed in 2 – 3 weeks. That was about the last we heard from him. Alvin then continued to “work” on the site telling us that Jacob was working on the database and was very busy, that’s why we hadn’t heard from him. Previously Jacob told us, while he was still at Imaginations, that the database stuff was done! It still continued to go very slowly and we would go days without hearing from Alvin and without seeing any changes on the site.
Approximately the end of May we started talking to a friend of ours that is a programmer and he said he would look at the site to see what was going on. Our first indication of a problem came when we tried to look at the site on Internet Explorer (we use the Firefox browser on a normal basis). The site would not come up in Internet Explorer. When I brought this point up through email to the guys in the Philippines, their only response was, “What version of Internet Explorer are you using?” We know that the site should be able to work on many different versions of most web browsers.
We then found out that all of the pages were programmed with .html, which our friend indicated would be a major problem. If there were going to be any databases, the site would need to be programmed with a .php extension. In addition, the navigation buttons weren’t programmed correctly and they used different font in different places and different colors, it was all a mess and maintenance would be horrible because they didn’t use any global css.
At this point we stopped all communication with the people in the Philippines because we began to understand that they would have never completed the web site. Luckily, we didn’t send them any money. We have to revamp the whole web site with our friend who is actually accomplishing something after cleaning up most of what the people at Imaginations have done. We should be up and running in about 3 weeks
We did a lot of checking online before hiring Imaginations to do the web site and found nothing to indicate that the whole thing was a scam. On June 11th we did more checking on Imaginations and have discovered that many people now have lots of complaints about Imaginations. We now know that they change their name when people start posting complaints online. And, added to that, the Imaginations web site now says that they were finishing up their old projects and you could still check your control panel, but they were no longer doing sales. They’re no longer making any new sales with Imaginations, their latest venture is www.imagination3dartwork.net.
Someone with the company posts a rebuttal with each complaint listed on the Rip-off site and the Complaint Boards site purporting to be the Vice President of the company. The latest tactic seems to be that they’re blaming all the bad posts on their competition. We are not the competition, we were customers. His name is supposed to be Ted Roberts and he lists his email address as vicepresident@imaginationspecials.com.
We have compiled a list of web site companies that all are run by these same people because they all have the same names we’ve run into and phone numbers. We got all these websites off Rip-off (/link removed/ and Complaints Boards (https://www.complaintsboard.com) which are internet reporting sites. Many of these sites have been closed down.
imagination.ms (This is the one we got ripped off with.)(No longer working)
imagination.vg/contacts.htm (You can see the site we saw here without the home page.)
global payment center (This is their where payments go to in Ca.)
thetop10webdesigners.netwebdesign.htm (This is their latest site.)
imagination3dartwork.net/ (This is their latest site.)

We’ve also got a list of the different phone numbers we’ve found for the same company. They are:
866-568-9784 (this is the latest number on their newest website)
213-785-2339 – Julia Palmer

Since we stopped working with them they have since changed names again. Their new company is www.thetop10webdesigners.net/webdesign.htm and this leads you to their number 1 listing which is also theirs named www.imagination3dartwork.net.

We’ve filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (800-382-4357) and our complaint number is 19282718 if anyone wants to add to that. The Attorney General of the State of California allows you to make a complaint at www.ag.ca.gov/contact/. We have filed a complaint with the FBI since this crosses state lines and international lines. Their website is www.fbi.gov/cyberinvest/cyberhome.htm or at www.ic3.gov/ (this is the actually complaint form). We have also filed a complaint with the Attorney General of the State of Florida (since this is where we reside), and with the Department of Justice: Republic of the Philippines. Their website is www.doj.gov.ph/. Hopefully, we can stop them from scamming other people.

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