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I have a problem with this company, They send me two hats, one didn't fit the description: the wrong material and the wrong size. I send it back, 20th of March, but didn't hear from them. My e-mails stayed unanswered so I called and after several tries finally spoke to a woman who promised to check why I didn't get any reaction and what happened to the hat I send back. Since then I cannot reach them by phone any more, seems like they blocked my number, and all my e-mails stay unanswered except for one in which I mention a lawyer. That was answered with the question to send more information. I did so and since then: again no reaction anymore. I paid for the hats, for the taxes, for the shipping, for the shipping back. I feel scammed, especially since they simply ignore my complaints. It looks like they deliberately ignore complaints and so I strongly doubt if this is a company to do business with. A lawsuit will cost me too much, so the only thing I can and will do is inform the police in the state where they are.

I hate internet scammers, they ruin it for the trustworthy internet shops.

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  • Nu
      Sep 06, 2012

    This complaint is from four years ago. I highly doubt the complainer reported this company to the police and honestly, what will the police do? Go knocking on the door because they weren't what you think, timely, in responding? Did you even wait for the follow up and post if you got a refund or not?

    My point is, four years later, the company has improved and so has communication.

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