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1 28050 US Highway 19 N STE 504clearwater Fl, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 866-310-4257

The list of immoral and dishonest things Government Contract Registry,, has done in order to scam me out of $2500 is so long I don't even know where to start. First of all, they claimed to be a part of GSA when they called, which would make them guilty of impersonating a Government Agency. I doubt the FEDS will take that lightly! Now, I know what kind of money the federal Gov't spends with freight and logistical companies, similar to my business, so I've always had an interest in finding out more about the requirements needed to get on A GSA Schedule, but I haven't been in business very long and I thought you had to be in business longer than I have in order to qualify. Normally I'd research something like this a lot harder before jumping into it feet first, but they not only assured me I was qualified, but they sent me their contract and it clearly stated if for any reason I wasn't able to qualify just yet, I'd get a full refund immediately.

In the mean time they were going to register me with the state and assign a contract "specialists" to my account, that would register me with the state Gov't and help me find bids that were supposed to be available and up for grabs immediately! So basically they were guaranteeing me bids that I would surely win, so I could start getting business from the government immediately, while we waited for my GSA paperwork to be processed and finally awarded to my Company.

I liked that they had a presence in California, even though they're main office was in Clearwater, Florida. But again, I thought I was speaking to actual gov't employees I would have believed just about anything. Their website claims office space in California, but that's where it ends. I've searched Hi and Low all over the internet for a legitimate address in the State of California and I can't find anything. I can't even find a fake one.

All I know is Mike Pirolo who's been investigated by the FL Attorney General, not even a while ago, but just recently along with another Stellar human being, Danny Arrington. Apparently, they both stole money and it looks like they also stole customers or at least leads, because why do things legitimately when you can lie and cheat and steal your way to the top in this, well regulated and fair, capitalistic society we have become?

May 12, 2015

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  • Ba
      11th of May, 2015
    0 Votes - payment issues
    Government Contract Registry
    United States

    Paid company up front to get awarded a GSA schedule, as they assured me I was qualified for. After finding out I wasn't the won't refund my money like they said they would if there were any reason I could not get on GSA for any reason!

  • Th
      20th of May, 2015
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    Mike Pirolo claims he is friends with AG Pam Bondi and Jackie Calloway of Channel 10. And he may have been able to trick them for a while but as the truth comes out I'm sure they are finally investigating him, and rightfully so, he's stolen money from our best clients.

    He was the Sales manager of Fed Ver for 2+ yrs. Pirolo's new office Clearwater, FL after he was fired for stealing clients form Fed Ver. Even while he was still working for his previous employer, when he made a sale he'd have them write checks out to his own company and deposit clients money into his personal account

    Mike Pirolo has Jon Logan working for his new operation now and Pirolo and Jon Logan were responsible for the only 2 pieces of evidence ever created, that had anything to do with us. Pirolo and Logan each emailed separate clients with a mountain of lies to make a sale the attorney General has all of the proof

    Unbelievable how easily it was for Pirolo to manipulate Pam Bondi and Jackie Calloway.

    It’s too bad that Calloway and channel 10 have no investigation skills
    They are only miles from the smoking Gun!

    Lets just compare the facts for a moment

    Scorecard time:
    FED VER = 2, 000+ GSA Awards
    Pirolo’s co. = ZERO GSA Awards
    Danny Arrington’s Co. = ZERO Awards
    Ted & Bill Davis Co. = ZERO awards
    Kevin Chase Co. = 78 Awards
    Mark Cordy/Greg Warren co. = Zero Awards

    240 AG complaints against Fed Ver all came out of no where when Mike Pirolo and Jon Logan started their company with the clients they stole from Fed Ver

    240 AG complaints is a greater # then the combined total of Charge-backs, BBB complaints, lawsuits, small court claims, arbitration hearings and letters from attorneys representing disgruntled clients

    Let that sink in…….the combined total of all of those other actions is less than the AG complaints

    Out of 240 complaints 92 lost charge-back requests because we had met all our service requirements. And 106 just complained because they say the false negative blogs on sites like this!

    Winning a lawsuit in court requires more than 2 emails, 7 clients that wanted a refund because they lost a chargeback request and 8 ex employees making false accusations! That's why the AG struck a deal in the 11th hour avoiding a trial!

    But they still hurt us in the end how many man hours spent dealing with this, money spent on attorney fees and we are left picking up the pieces with our clients that got scammed. Helping them by telling them how they can get refunded or charge-backs from this new company that just takes their money and provides no service!

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