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www.govbizone.com / mike pirolo

May 12, 2015
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Contact information:
Government Contract Registry
Same thing as the other two complaints, I paid up front, $200, they promised I was approved for guaranteed Gov't contracts. After numerous calls I finally find out my IT company doesn't qualify. I've been trying to get them to refund my down payment. But I've getting the runaround every-time I call.

I'd be fine if they'd just refund the money like they said the would, I really don't have time to report them or make any other complaints. I was just on here and I saw this blog about them!

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N  19th of May, 2015 by 
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www.govbizone.com - scamming customers
Government Contract Registry
28050 US Highway 19 N STE 504
United States
Phone: (866) 310-4257

Mike Pirolo “the thief” Smoke and mirror show
Pirolo is telling all that he is friends with Bondi
Pirolo is telling all that he is friends with Jackie Calloway Channel 10
Pirolo “the thief” is at it again using misdirection and confusion
Pirolo has captured the ear of Bondi and Calloway
Pirolo has so much valuable info for all to focus on
But that’s what liars and thieves do …….redirect
Pirolo was the Sales manager of Fed Ver for 2+ yrs
Pirolo is running a competitive operation
Pirolo was fired for stealing, yes stealing form Fed Ver
He made sales while at Fed Ver, but had clients make cks payable to a co. that he owned
Pirolo stole clients and made deposits into his own bank account
Fed Ver has all of the proof
Pirolo has Jon Logan working for his competitive operation
Pirolo and Jon Logan were responsible for the only 2 pieces of evidence ever seen
Pirolo and Logan each emailed separate clients with a mountain of over the top lies to make a sale
AG has all of the proof
Pirolo is manipulating the blondes at channel 10 and the AG office
Calloway is clueless as to how to do a real investigation
Calloway is all about shock statements, ambush interviews and enquirer style reporting
Cockroach IQ’s doing cockroach in the kitchen stories, how sad for her and Channel 10
It’s too bad that Calloway and channel 10 have no investigation skills
They are miles from the smoking Gun, National headline news story
But keep focused on Fed Ver it’s an easy target, besides with the AG and a thief in your ear
The AG is never wrong, the AG never abuses its power
And thieves, well they are just thieves, Pirolo is the master of pathological lying!
Fed Ver gets blasted in a lawsuit by AG claiming 100’s of names being used, affidavits from
Disgruntled clients, Affidavits from former employees: Sensational headline story
Only problem is that Fed Ver only used 1 name: Fed Ver
Other companies, independent contractors, freelancers all made sales above and beyond
Fed Ver’s sales team
100’s of names? Fed Ver employees?, oh but it says so in the AG lawsuit, so it must be true
Why doesn’t someone ask for proof that other names were used
And then find the source of the name being used, Fed Ver employee? Or other?
But that requires real investigation skills
Oh and what states were these other names used in?
Independent reps were not required to file d/b/a’s in some states
What a twist…..XYZ co or ABC rep sells something and pays Fed Ver to process
And the headlines are: Fed Ver operates under 100’s of names?

Scorecard time:
FED VER = 2, 000+ GSA Awards
Pirolo’s co. = ZERO GSA Awards
Danny Arrington’s Co. = ZERO Awards
Ted & Bill Davis Co. = ZERO awards
Kevin Chase Co. = 78 Awards
Mark Cordy/Greg Warren co. = Zero Awards

240 AG complaints against Fed Ver
Does anyone out there have an IQ greater than a score of 50 to understand the illogical path?
240 AG complaints is a greater # then the combined total of Chargebacks, BBB complaints, lawsuits, small court claims, arbitration hearings and letters from attorneys representing disgruntled clients

Let that sink in…….the combined total of all of those other actions is less than the AG complaints

AG complaints were driven by competitors and that can be proven by depositions that FED Ver has
92 of the AG complaints LOST chargeback requests
Fed Ver has copies of the chargeback reasons given by these 92
The overwhelming majority of these 92 padded their reasons when the filed their AG complaint after losing their chargeback request

106 AG complaints cited seeing AG investigation on a negative blog site like 800 notes or [redacted]
As a reason for filing an AG complaint

Now add in GSA, GSA is so bogged down and under staffed, that Fed Ver has 100’s of submitted applications waiting for the 1st review by a GSA officer.
4 files just passed the 3 year mark ….waiting for their 1st review

Fed Ver is the victim of malicious competitors that have been attacking Fed Ver for over 5 yrs
Fed Ver is the victim of a 5 + year civil investigation by the AG office
((after 5 years? Why did the AG strike a deal in the 11th hour with Fed Ver to avoid court?))
The AG lawsuit was easy to file, incredibly low standard to prove deceptive practices
After all, they had 2 incriminating emails from Mike “the thief” Pirolo and jon Logan
The only 2 pieces of evidence for deceptive trade practices that Fed Ver has ever seen!

Winning a lawsuit in court requires more than 2 emails, 7 clients that wanted a refund because they lost a chargeback request and 8 ex employees that were either fired for poor performance or because they left to work for a competitor operation

If GSA is sitting on files yet to be reviewed for 3+ years, doesn’t GSA add in to the mix?

Channel 10’s last “spotlight on Fed Ver” segment included a repeat of a so called disgruntled business owner in tarpon Springs, that business owner received a GSA award prior to their last segment running, Calloway and 10 didn’t even bother to call the rerun segments to see what their current status was

Somebody needs to investigate the investigators and reporters for their shoddy work

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